Advice on Traditional Base High Volume (TBHV)

Hi there,

I’m trying to focus a little bit more on the bike than in other sports (sometimes I swim, lift weight, run) I know there is a lot of posts already on this topic but my question is a little bit different and is about how can I “invest” and optimize my time on the bike.

I have the time to train and to recover so I started the Traditional Base High Volume I. I’ve been feeling ok so far, I have no hurry to rise my 20min power (FTP) or my 1 min power I just want to train consistently. Now I’m something like 2.8 W/kg, I reached 3.5 W/kg year and a half ago.

So thinking in given an advice, on maximizing your time on the bike and thinking long term… would you change TBHV for any other TR plan?

Appreciate in advance!