Advice on Track Tubulars

Hello, I do mass start racing on a concrete track and I’m currently running Victtoria Corsa Speed with Graphene 2.0-I don’t like them. Not for track.

Anybody using the Victtoria Pista Speed? Would these last a season on concrete?

Any suggestions for a solid set of tubulars for the track is appreciated-thanks.

Came here to suggest Vittoria Corsa Speeds… I’ll get my coat.

Pista speeds are nice, but I doubt they would last a whole season on concrete…

Can you elaborate on what you dislike about the Corsa Speeds G2s? I’m not very sensitive to this sort of thing - with no cornering to consider I’ve only ever picked tires based on “does it feel fast”, “will it puncture”, and “will it be a giant pain in the ass to mount”. I’ve been happy with Corsa Speeds on all those marks, personally.

Everything I’ve read is that they’re faster than any other option besides the Pista Speed or new Veloflex Records, neither of which will last more than a few weeks on concrete.

I had the pista + (which I think we lighter). You mount one direction for smooth, the other for rough surfaces. The tires are halved down the middle with tread and smooth sides.

I rode them mostly at Lexus in Detroit. A few times at bloomer but they ultimately were for nats at ttown. They lived that full season and went to a new home still mounted.

A season is gonna vary but that’s the most you’ll see from them.

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Thanks for the input.

I like using a slick on the track. Just don’t like the feeling of tire tread.

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Don’t know about track, but should be good… Veloflex Record and Sprinters. The Sprinters would give a bit more life than the Record and are fast, light and supple. I used Sprinters on the road and they were great.

they are more straight lines than tread lol

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Are you saying you can actually feel the difference between a Corsa Speed and a Pista? On a concrete track? What pressure are you running?

Holy mackerel.

Anyway, in that case I’d go with a Pista (NOT Speed). It’s slower than a Corsa Speed but not by much, and will last a full season.

lol…no I’ve only ever used Corsa Speed. Looking to use a different tire. Now I’m looking at Veloflex Record and Sprinters.

for concrete tracks Ive always used vittoria Pista Controls - pretty much made for outdoor tracks.

At herne Hill in summer temps (track90degrees plus) ive seen speeds just give up…

Contis ill never use, absolutely horrible and useless puncture protection and dugast Ive had delaminate on me during a race… (I was leading!!)