What tires are you digging right now?

I wanted to create a thread where we share the tires we like and why we like them. It’s important to say what you’re using them for. IE a racing tire might not be what someone wants for a comfortable training tire.

I’ll start!

Everything is tubeless.

Road Tires

Racing and Training Front - Schwalbe Pro 25mm, Rear - Schwalbe Pro 28mm

TT Tires

Racing Only Vittoria Corsa Speed + 26mm

MTB XC Tires

Loose over hard Front - Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.3, Rear - Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.3

Less lose over hard (Thinking about this setup, haven’t tried it yet) Front - Schwalbe Racing Ray 2.3, Rear - Schwable Racing Ralph Rear 2.3

Leadville Front - Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.3, Rear - Schwalbe Thunder Burt 2.3

Cyclocross Tires

Loose, dry, dirt course Vittoria Terreno Dry 40mm

Grass Course Vittoria Terreno Dry 33mm (I might move to 31mm)

Mud Course Not sure, suggestions welcome.

Gravel Racing Tire

Loose over hard (that’s about all we have around here) Vittoria Terreno Dry 40mm


On road I’m currently rolling 25c Conti GP4000II, but they measure out to around 28mm on my ENVE 3.4s.

For gravel I’ve been running 37c WTB Riddlers, though they’re a little more squared off than I like so I’ve been exploring other options.

I also have a set of 32c Teravail Ramparts for more comfort/endurance rides which are set up tubeless and feel amazing.

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Vittoria Mezcal 2.25 F/R is a super versatile setup for a really wide range of conditions. I’ve been surprised how well they hook up even in the loose and they roll pretty well.

I’m keen to try then Maxxis Aspens next though.

For aggressive trail riding and off-season my go to setup is a Minion DHF and Minion SS (for SoCal).

Donnelly (formerly Clement) for the CX, these tires setup tubeless literally rip the grass out of the ground when going around fast corners. They give amazing grip in the mud and on steep climbs, I ran an MXP front and PDX rear, never looked back after that. I weigh ~71kg I ran them on a 25mm (21mm internal width) carbon wheelset tubeless at 26-27f and 29r, very fast and lots of grip.

S-Works Turbo 26c is the best feeling tire I’ve ridden, but they puncture easily and have a very short life span. Makes for a big tire budget, but I’d rather pay a good amount of money for tires that give me confidence and keep me from crashing than run cheap tires and risk injury and hospital bills.

The Vittoria Corsa Speed G+ is fast, but it doesn’t feel confidence inspiring while cornering, and it I’m convinced they are made from tissue paper with how easily they go flat :joy: .

For XC, the Maxxis Aspen in 2.25 with EXO protection is my favorite tire, and it is incredibly versatile. I am running these on my Yeti SB100 with ENVE M525s (25mm internal width) at 21/23 up to 24/26 PSI depending on the terrain. The 2.2 is actually a different tire than the 2.25 in more ways than just size, and Nino co-developed the 2.25 to replace his Dugast Tubulars, so you can be sure it’s a good tire :slight_smile: . The Rekon Race also interests me, but I have yet to try it.

For trail riding, the Ardent Race is a relatively quick rolling tire with a really predictable character. It is very different than the Ardent, so don’t confuse the two. Remember, if considering Ardent, Ar-don’t! :wink: . The 2.3 size is awesome and works great on something like a 25mm internal width rim.

For Enduro, the Maxxis Minion DHF with EXO+ and Maxx Grip in 2.5 is my front tire of choice, and the DHR II with DH casing and Maxx Grip in 2.4 is my rear tire of choice. I am running these on my SB5.5 with Stans Flow MK3 wheels (29mm internal width). Pressure varies widely with chunky and gnarly Northstar riding requiring 26/28 PSI and my recent trip to Squamish requiring 19/21 PSI.

I really like the WTB Riddler. It has really predictable handling and side knobs that simply do not let go. I just tried the Clement LAS in 33 at Renocross and was not a fan. Unpredictable handling on every part of the tire.

I really want to refine my CX tire choice. I’ve had such good luck with Maxxis on the MTB side that I want to give their Speed Terrane and Ramblers a shot. Courtenay McFadden (Pivot / Maxxis team) said she has been blown away by the predictability and comfort of the Speed Terrane.


Continental GP 4000II’s (23mm Clincher, front and back on Zipp 404’s)
Solid tyres, decent rolling resistance balanced with awesome puncture protection, zero issues

Continental Grand Prix TT (23mm Clincher, front and back on Zipp 808 and Zipp Super 9)
Great rolling resistance balanced with affordable price and decent puncture protection, survived Cheshire lanes all season with no issues


LAS is a brave choice on any course, I’d run it as a gravel tire, but not on any kind of CX course, even if it is fast and flat. Try a Donnelly with some more tread, it won’t disappoint!

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Panaracer gravel king’s tubeless of course on the gravel bike. Great off road, and not to slow when on the the road.


Just put on Schwable Pro One on my new Rolf Elan ES wheels. Set up tubeless. This is my second pair of Pro One’s and I love them. No flats over the life of the previous set (still on my old Bontrager Race Lites). Tires are fast, comfortable, and for me trouble free. Usually run them around 85psi (I have 25s)

On my new gravel bike (!!!) it came with WTB Riddlers 37. Only ridden them on the road. Hoping to get some dirt/gravel time soon. Felt decent in the road but between the tires and extra weight, wasn’t able to hang with fast group rides in the road.


23c Continental GP 4000II on DT Swiss RR511 rims, for road and triathlon (plus a Wheelbuilder AeroJacket on the back in races). I was using 25c before and liked it, but wanted to give 23c another shot. It’s too late to change for my next 70.3 (Sunday!) but I’ll be going back to 25c shortly. My rims are tubeless ready, but for now I’m sticking with tubes.

For MTB, I’m out in Arizona on a Top Fuel and the 2.25 Maxxis Aspen’s have been my favorite to date. Have run Ardent Race’s and most recently Ikon’s and I feel like the Aspen’s have just as much traction as the Ikon’s honestly but roll much better.


I’m using Schwalbe Pro Ones tubeless on Bontrager Aeolus wheels. Really like them. Much better than the Bontrager R4’s I had. Bought another pair of Pro Ones for upcoming Ironman. I run them around 85psi also. I weigh about 150lbs. Could maybe go lower air pressure.

For road I’m loving my new Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik. I’d always been sceptical about how much difference a set of tyres would make to a very average rider, but these along with latex tubes have transformed my rides.


Yeah, you’re right!

Strangely, that tire was specifically designed for grassy CX courses (LAS = Cross Vegas reference). I’d heard great things about them, but was let down after testing them in ideal circumstances.

See, my bike came with ardents so i figured I’d give them a try insteadof just replacing them right off the bat. They are a pretty awesome trail tire but the 2.4 exo 29er is something like 860g.

I am curious how much time I’m giving up with those things… think I’ll testit out on my rollers when i get a nice race wheel set and put some more appropriate tires for racing on those and keep my arch there way it is since it is perfect for my local trails which have a lot of rocks.

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Yeah, everybody I know that has swapped their Ardents for even and Ardent Race report vastly improved predictability. Switching it up may make riding more enjoyable!

Yeah, other than the top CX races who might benefit from a couple of watts saved on the flat/grass sections it makes a lot of sense to have more tread. Again, give the MXP a try, they’re amazing.

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MTB Nobby Nic front, Racing Ralph rear, 2.25”
Good for Alberta, non-coastal BC XC.

CX MXP / LAS combo for tubulars, but want to try Terreno Drys for tubeless. 33mm is all that is allowed here.

Gravel Terreno Dry 40mm, Schwalbe g-one 35mm depending on conditions.

Road Schwalbe Pro One 28mm tubeless.

@Jonathan Agree, I really like the Specialized S-Work Turbo Road Tubeless 26mm. I’ve got 2500 miles on one, the other suffered a sidewall tear at 1200 miles. Otherwise have been surprised by longevity and I seem to be the Bermuda Triangle for sidewall tears and running over large chunks of metal. Or its a case of “curse of the Clydesdale” - I can’t decide which.

I’ve been really unlucky with Schwalbe Pro One, both ended up with only 700 miles before losing out to the road. One received a sidewall tear, the other suffered a nail attack two weeks ago.

Just picked up a pair of Zipp Tangente RT-25, after one long ride on them they seem really nice and are priced in between the Pro One and S-Works. So far so good.

Last winter I tried riding on Hutchinson Sector 28s, but after 3 suffered quality control issues I’ll never recommend or buy Hutchinson again.

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Gravel: Loving the WTB 650b’s! The 47mm Byways for normal conditions - super cush, fast and quiet on pavement, and good traction in the loose stuff… what’s not to love? I’m kinda interested to try their Exposure 700x34 for less hardcore dirt - same idea as Byway, just narrower and lighter.

And the WTB Resolute 650x42mm has been great for muddier rides.

Also played with Compass Bon Jon Pass Extralights - awesome feeling and fast tire. Just a bit squirrelly in loose turns or off-camber since no knobs at all. Also don’t have high confidence in them tubeless.

Tried a pair of Ritchey Alpine JB 700x35 too. Idea seemed very cool, inverted scallops as tread for loose stuff, but rolls smooth on pavement. But ride felt dull - maybe I had too much psi.

All tubeless of course!

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