Tire Recommendations [Road]

I change tires every 3-4 months (riding around 12 hours a week). Recent purchases are Schwalbe and Pirelli. I ride tubes but always buy tubeless in case I finally make the switch. Continental feels too stiff and tight to fit on.

Any favorite tires to recommend? Thank you all.

p.s. 28s in case that matters

My recommendation would be don’t buy tubeless if you’re going to use a tube…

Aside from that…can’t go wrong with GP5000.


Vittoria Next or Specialized Turbos have been good to me.

I use S-WORKS Turbo 28c tubeless and I love them. So far good puncture resistance, good rolling, and wa(aaaaa)y easier to mount than my old GP5000 TR.

The newer Conti GP5000S TR are relatively easy to put on. I actually took off an older GP5k that was an absolute wrestling match to get on and replaced it with a new set and I didn’t even have to use levers.


I agree with this.

That’s a good point. I gave up on the old 5000TL and paid a shop to put them on. Same wheels…the S TR was a breeze. I still wouldnt get tubeless tires to use with a tube though…harder to get on and off AND slower.

The latest Vittoria Corsa or Corsa Control. They are by far the most supple tires around and very fast. Once I am done with my Pirellis, I am going back.

Aerocoach just updated their rolling resistance listings:

For high mileage training use, I love my Pirelli Cinturato (I run tubeless). Not terribly fast rolling, but durable as heck and way more comfortable and supple than the Gatorskins.

I race Conti 5000s with latex tubes and haven’t found a reason to switch from those.

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Tree bark is probably faster and more comfy than Gatorskins. :wink: :grin:

Rene Herse Chinook Pass — I’ve been very, very impressed with the RH Bon Jon Pass.

Garden hoses…


Looking forward to test these…

But considering that GP5000 28mm can be found for like 40 euros, paying 3 times as much for the new Vittoria is a though buy.

Especially since I am not running tubeless, and they probably won’t be faster than the GP5000…

But boy do they look good :smiley:

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Yeah, I haven’t ridden them personally, but from what I have heard, you can’t go wrong with them.

Gp5ks at 105% for racing, Corsa n.exts for training (as large as bike permits for puncture / pinch resistance).

I’ve only felt/looked at/drooled over them. Probably a great race tire if the sidewall holds up. Reminded me of some Veloflex tires I used to race. Fast, super supple but, fragile as hell. I opted for (what I think is) better durability of the Conti 5K clincher (not S TR).


I have heard tons of stories, but I never flatted on them or the Corsa Controls. And it wasn’t for lack of trying, some of the backroads are, hmmm, rough. The ride is super supple. I miss them. I think I might treat myself to a new pair of Corsa Controls for the off-season.

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I too will give the Pro a try. I had horrible luck with the S-Works Turbo Cotton while many friends had no issues beyond normal. It seems as if I get a sidewall cuts if I ride within 50 meters of a pebble. I thought they were the best rolling clincher to date and really wanted them to work but, after 2 flats in races…

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Aerocoach have Corsa pros at similar RR to 5k’s. I’d wager though that you’ll take an aero penalty for the Corsa pros (as with most comparisons to the GP tread pattern) which would make the decision questionable unless you need tan walls (the 5k tan walls are slower than black).

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