Fast tubular tyre advice (tire)


I mentioned this in a recent post. I ha’ve a 112 mile bike race in 4 weeks, added pressure is that I’m part of a relay team doing the Lakesman Triathlon.

I have tubular wheels (Zipp Super 9 disc and a 90mm Mavic front). I have had two blowouts using Veloflex Extremes on the rear disc, both through the sidewall.

I have changed to a Veloflex Carbon which is slightly more durable without sacrificing much speed but I still have concerns over puncturing.

I’ve invested money and time training hard on TrainerRoad over the last 8 month’s so I’m trying to balance speed over chance of puncture.

Can anyone recommend a more durable tub that doesn’t sacrifice too much speed?

I’ve always raced on Vittoria Corsas, the last 4-5 versions dating back to the Corsa Evo CX (road tire) and had good luck with them. They seem to balance speed, feel and durability well for a race day only tire. I just bought some new race wheels that were mounted with brand new non Vittorias and while they’re fine and I’m too cheap to rip them off I’m hoping they wear quickly so I can grab some of the new Corsa G 2.0s…

Conti GP 4000s are also a very popular choice and maybe a touch more durable but I’d take the corsas any day.

Despite my love of tubulars, it is for racing on circuits only where you can get a lift back if need be. Even if you take a spare and heaven forbid puncture, the new tyre wont be stuck on to tackle Lakeland roads as i know them. As regards blowing sidewalls, this could be caused by chafing when going to events so invest in wheel bags.
I’d second the use of Vittoria Corsa’s, although the new Graphine Control is my new favourite.

Bontrager R4 320 tubular, it even has a latex tube construction! I use it and its fast and pretty durable.

Sorry for late reply.

Thanks very much for the advice. Since posting this a guy at the local TT club suggested Conti GP4000 II tubs, fast and quite durable. He also mentioned putting some liquud sealant in the tyre.

Any views on these ideas?

GP4000s are a good alround tyre, though not the best in my opinion. I’ve found the clincher tread to cut up a bit.

Liquid sealant isnt generally recommended for tubs, especially with latex inner tubes as the sealant slowly rots the tube. However i have put it in a CX tub and up to now hasnt blown, although the value can get glogged. i beleive Triathletes do this as they are worried about puncturing and changing a tub in a race.

Last time I checked the gp 4000 tubular did not use a latex tube so it’s a few watts slower but probably a good tire.

Yes, I use sealant throughout the TT season and then remove it at the end of the season so it doesn’t dry out in tire. I use bontrager TLR sealant and it works really well.


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How do you remove the sealant at season’s end?
Do you just deflate, remove valve and squeeze out with the wheel vertical and valve at bottom or another way?
Also, do you keep the tubular glued/attached to the rim?

I use a KOM cycling needle type syringe to insert the sealant and also remove it. Yes, I leave the tubular tire glued to the rim during off season and store it in my basement.

Then just add sealant at the beginning of next season and pump it up. My tubular are race day only wheels. I train on clinchers. Hope this helps!


“Athletes are ordinary people, with extraordinary determination.”

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