World‘s fastest road tire. Veloflex Record experience

Hey there,
I am a time trialist, and of course, always in the search for watts. Tires are a huge topic in this regard,
Firstly, they have aerodynamic implications, but more importantly, they roll with different levels of friction losses.
I have usually run a Schwalbe P1 TT or GP 5000 23c on the front (aerodynamically faster and better grip for braking) and a Vittoria Corsa Speed at the rear (where aero drag doesn’t really matter so much).
Now however, Veloflex has come out with their updated „Record“ clincher (they call them open tubular) and it blows the Vittoria‘s out of the water. According to Aerocoach testing (, it is 5 watts faster for the system, than the lightning quick Corsa Speeds. That is a revelation in my mind.
I went and directly ordered a few Veloflex tires, and was a bit bemused when holding them in my hand. They are mega thin, have ZERO tire profile, and look and feel just like track tires. I have yet to ride them outdoors (super bad weather atm), but I am wary of using them for racing, because they look and feel like puncturing instantly.

Has anyone used them? Does anyone have any experience or tips regarding these?
I am sure, if they „work“, they will be ubiquitous in TT-racing next season.

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This is the definition of the Record. A very fast, supple, light tyre. No protection other than the rubber itself. I’ve only used the tubulars, and they are the best feeling tyres I’ve ridden.

Ultimately if you get a puncture in a TT, your race (or hopes of getting a good time) is over, but that’s the trade-off. IME, TTs in the UK are held on clean B roads, but you’ll need to judge whether these are appropriate for the courses you’ll ride.

Okay, thanks for the reply. How would you say they compare when it comes to puncturing to the Vittoria Corsa Speed?

I’ve never used a Vittoria tyre before unfortunately. You could always run the Record up front and something less delicate in the rear if you’re concerned.

If it were up to me, I’d just save the records for TTs or races on clean tarmac (we have a circuit race nearby on a car test track).

It’s interesting to see the data. AFAIK no data ever came out about the tubular Records, which people have been using for TTs for years.

Lars, have you tried them yet? any thoughts?

Cheers :beers:

Too little to be conclusive. They are awful in the wet (which is not surprising looking at them).
There just is too much foliage on the roads rn to really bring them to the limits

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Ive used a set of these at a Masters National Championships TT. They definitely “feel” much faster than any other tyre I’ve ridden. They are so supple and that give the perception of being “smooth and fast”. The mental benefit in that sense is also a gain and probably greater than the 8? watt performance benefit of there tyre itself.

Previously rode the Vittoria Corsa Speeds
23mm fitted to a HED 3 trispoke front
25mm fitted to Zipp Super 9 disc. These were good fits aerodynamically.

Now will always use the veloflex record 23mm open tubulars on both front and rear. They so much better and have ridden faster times for me.

I very rarely get punctures ( 2 in the last 20 000km’s) and weigh around 67kg.
Havent flatted yet on the Veloflex tyres but looking at how thin the tread is, thats obviously only because I haven’t hit even there smallest of stones/glass in my TT’s.

Would not recommend for anyone except light riders.



Is it an option to put some sealant inside the (latex) inner tube when using the records?
Muc off has an inner tube sealant.
Never used it, but maybe it protects a little bit. It might slow the tire down?

Yeah, I wouldn’t do that… don’t think anything seals this nanometer thin thread. If you want more puncture protection, probably Corsa speed tubeless or Conti 5k…

I successfully sealed a few punctures with Veloflex Sprinters using Orange Seal out on the road.

I wouldn’t add sealant to tubulars pre-emptively, as it adds weight and may dry up before it’s needed. If it’s for a race and you want the reassurance of finishing after a puncture, then you could add sealant.

I don’t think there’s any difference between the latex inner tubes, at least at the racer end of their product line. The casing where the Record is even thinner.

Interesting how it didn’t perform super well in the test of BRR (which I always find a little sketchy).

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hi, any more updates on this?
has anyone ridden TTs with the records? punctures?

It seems to be within the margin of error of the fastest tires. Wondering if because it’s so thin the thicker tube is actually holding it back at the point. Since it did almost as well as the fastest tires with the ultralight latex tubes. Combined with the 23mm width I’d say it’s still just as fast once you take all those things into account.

Just stumbled across this video:

The guy explains, that he has ordered a pair a year ago, that has a completely smooth surface, and ordered one recently, that now has a textured surfaces.
Anyone having any information here? Mine all look like the first one.

A lot of times with aerodynamics, the textured surfaces perform better than the smooth ones, creating turbulent air flow like aero sleeve/socks or the now UCI-banned dimpled skin suits, or a golf ball. Might be the reasoning here.

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I know, there is quite good research on the topic by SwissSide and Aero Coach:

I would actually like to see them do that, if it doesn’t cost any significant watts on Crr.

I found a guy who has both, the full slick and the profiled Velo Record.
Myself. I even have them mounted to the same bike. Whoooopsie!

Now the biggest issue is, they are the wrong way round. :frowning:

Profiled one on the back wheel:

Full slick on the front.

The „profile“ though, is absolutely minimal. You have to get very close to even see anything being there. Don’t know if that can have any aerodynamic impact.

That “texturing” looks more like a change in the tire moulding process than anything intentional.


Around 200k on the front tire and some 150k on the rear tire, so far pretty happy.
No punctures yet, no visible cuts or other signs of wear.
One thing, that has changed is the shape. They look to have become a little wider.
I measured them up, and the front tire is now 25.4mm wide on the 20mm internal SwissSide, and the Rear tire (also a little less worn) measured to be 24.7mm on the 19mm internal 321 Disc.
Have another 70k ride planned today, so let’s see how long they keep on rolling


…. And it’s gone. It lasted exactly 70k.

Back in my home town, a good 2K out from home, I rolled to a roundabout with around 40kph. A car came into the roundabout very quickly forcing me to do an emergency brake. I heard the moment I grabbed the brakes that it was gone.

Luckily it was fine until I came to stop, but it was trielt shredded: