World‘s fastest road tire. Veloflex Record experience

Hey there,
I am a time trialist, and of course, always in the search for watts. Tires are a huge topic in this regard,
Firstly, they have aerodynamic implications, but more importantly, they roll with different levels of friction losses.
I have usually run a Schwalbe P1 TT or GP 5000 23c on the front (aerodynamically faster and better grip for braking) and a Vittoria Corsa Speed at the rear (where aero drag doesn’t really matter so much).
Now however, Veloflex has come out with their updated „Record“ clincher (they call them open tubular) and it blows the Vittoria‘s out of the water. According to Aerocoach testing (, it is 5 watts faster for the system, than the lightning quick Corsa Speeds. That is a revelation in my mind.
I went and directly ordered a few Veloflex tires, and was a bit bemused when holding them in my hand. They are mega thin, have ZERO tire profile, and look and feel just like track tires. I have yet to ride them outdoors (super bad weather atm), but I am wary of using them for racing, because they look and feel like puncturing instantly.

Has anyone used them? Does anyone have any experience or tips regarding these?
I am sure, if they „work“, they will be ubiquitous in TT-racing next season.

This is the definition of the Record. A very fast, supple, light tyre. No protection other than the rubber itself. I’ve only used the tubulars, and they are the best feeling tyres I’ve ridden.

Ultimately if you get a puncture in a TT, your race (or hopes of getting a good time) is over, but that’s the trade-off. IME, TTs in the UK are held on clean B roads, but you’ll need to judge whether these are appropriate for the courses you’ll ride.

Okay, thanks for the reply. How would you say they compare when it comes to puncturing to the Vittoria Corsa Speed?

I’ve never used a Vittoria tyre before unfortunately. You could always run the Record up front and something less delicate in the rear if you’re concerned.

If it were up to me, I’d just save the records for TTs or races on clean tarmac (we have a circuit race nearby on a car test track).

It’s interesting to see the data. AFAIK no data ever came out about the tubular Records, which people have been using for TTs for years.