Manipulate Power Smart Trainer

Hello Trainerroad community. I am using Trainerroad and loooove the structure. Just canceled my Zwift subscription! I have the problem that my Smart Trainer has a + 25% power output. Just upping the intensity to 120% every workout would ruin my adaptations. I can adjust my FTP and then go along with that. But this would not allow me to push my workouts to my Garmin head unit, because all my outdoorworkouts would be set to a way to high power. My question is as follows. Is there a possibility to adjust the readings of my smart trainer to a lower percentage? Something like powermatch. If i would put it at 80% everything would be solved. I also dont want to put my powermeter in my smarttrainer. If someone knows a third party “hack” to adjust my smarttrainer, it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for bad english. Greetings from Italy.

If you have a separate power meter on your bike turn powermatch on and set your bike’s power meter as the power source. Then it doesn’t matter what power number the trainer produces. The Trainnerroad software will use your bike’s power meter number as the power value it works with. No need to scale anything or fudge FTP numbers.


So glad you’re loving TR @BigBoyScutty :slight_smile: Your English is great.

@wongataa is right!

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to adjust the power readings of your smart trainer to a lower percentage. The only way to have the same power readings is to use PowerMatch; this allows you to display and record power readings from your power meter and still benefit from the automatic resistance control of your smart trainer.

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