Garmin 530 and 830 navigation and mapping to address?

I currently have a Bolt but looking to upgrade to either a 530 or 830 due to my frustration with Wahoo and also the poor mapping/navigation capabilities of the ELEMNT software (not bad, but not that great either).

I know the basic difference between the 530 and 830 (buttons vs touchscreen only, price delta). My understanding is that you can enter an address or POI directly on the 830 (similar to Google maps on your phone), but that the 530 does not have this feature. Given a choice, I’d likely prefer a 530 for the buttons (not too keen on touchscreen for such a small display), so my question on the 530 is regards to mapping to a specific address.

Say I want to go to “123 Main Street”. On my Wahoo ELEMNT, I can open the phone app, create a route to “123 Main St”, and it will guide me there (though, frankly, I am not too impressed with Wahoo’s mapping and navigation capabilities… they were fine 3 years ago, but rather behind the times now). On the Edge 830, I can apparently enter “123 Main Street” directly on the device. How do I do this on the Edge 530, since you cannot directly enter an address? Would I have to use the zoom in to get to an approximate point? Does the Garmin app support synchronization to the phone similar to Wahoo, where you can enter a direct address? Is this simply not possible to do without a third-party app (i.e., RideWithGPS)?

I know the 530 has had some button issues in the first few iterations, but I’m still considering it. The only thing that is making me consider the 830 (or just keeping my ELEMNT Bolt) is the address issue, which I find myself relying on quite a bit.

Thanks much!

You are correct that Garmin would have you zoom into a point on the map on the 530.

But as you surmised there are 3rd party apps. I noticed the Komoot connect iq app was updated to be 530 compatible so that route may be your best bet. No idea how good it is but worth looking into.

It’s a bit fiddly but you can route to an object on the map on the 530.

On the navigation you bring up the navigation. You can change the north south position by a few clicks then change the east west by a few more this will get close, then go through a reiteration stage.

Komoot will work and sync okay.