Adding or supplementing your schedule with p90x3

So i bought the p90x3 (the 30 min version) and did parts of it a 5 or 6 years ago (i think i did complete the 90 days), and they worked fine for the most part.

Well, fast fwd to today. And my leg is hurt and I cant train running. Coach say its because I am not training well by only doing run/bike/swim and nothing else. I should be doing some other form of exercise.

Since I already got the dvds i figure i should give them a try, the question is… does any one has a routine or know where to find a routine that would work better for triathletes?

thanks in advance

I am no triathlete, but it just seems kind of wild to me that training run, bike, swim isn’t enough to cross train your body at least well enough. The leg injury seems like par for the course with running (and a reason I don’t run). Not saying strength training wouldn’t be helpful, but it’s more on top of a lot of other work training as a triathlete. My experience with p90x is that it’s high-intensity. I would think some kind of full body weight training would be better suited than more intensity.

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Yes. this is a running injury sadly.
But I ran for a very long time without injury…like 8 years and nothing major. This is the first time Ive been down for more than a week. Plus and 41 and 10/12 so aging is catching up.

This is the 6th week I havent run much. I did 2 miles today and the leg is not where it needs to be.

My coach argument is that run/bike are forward moving and I do 0 for anything else. His theory is that i have a serious imbalance on the legs that are causing the issue.