Adding in more intervals during session - scrubbing?

What is best way to add in more intervals when you are already mid-session?

For example Ericsson - did the 4 intervals and would loved to have done another but decided that during the 3rd.

If I had scrubbed back the beginning of 4th after doing 4th would it record data correctly?

Any other way to do it?


I would love this feature too. Some days my form feels better than usual, or i have some extra time on the trainer and feel like extending that workout 30 minutes.

@Boombang: I haven’t tried scrubbing back one interval during the workout, but my plan so far for this has been to skip cool down, save workout and load a new one (same workout) where you scrub to first interval or down period between intervals. A messy fix i know.

Something for the road map @Nate_Pearson? An “Add Interval” or “Repeat Last Interval” button similar to the “Extend cool down” button we have today?

Scrubbing back will work. But you will lose the days from anything you jump back to.

Meaning, you will get the workouts but the days scrunned over will be lost, therefore you will not see full stress info.

Best to finish the workout (with out doing the cooldown) and start another one right now.

An alternative might what I’ve done for a recent couple of workouts. When you go to start a workout and you think you might be up for extra then select the +1/+2 variant and complete that workout, or worst case scenario you can always end the workout after the standard number of intervals and then do a cool down.

This way you have the option and don’t lose track of the TSS. I agree that this would be a cool feature though!


Not at the moment. As we get more and more specific about what workout you should do we want to make sure you’re not doing extra. Sometimes it’s OK to have a bit of fuel left in the tank.

And in general this isn’t feedback I’ve heard: “I just wish there were more intervals in my workout!” :joy:


Would be a nice future to have… bu i guess scrubbing or restarting are our options for now.

Would it be possible for scrubbing not to overwrite the past??

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Agreed! Similar thought here - Feature Request - Record "rewound" portions of workouts

This basically goes in the same bucket as “record my backpedal breaks”. If you deviate from the workout, take breaks, or add extra intervals, it will affect your TSS and IF in real life. But on Trainer Road it ignores the extra intervals or extra rests.

Currently, if I want fully accurate TSS, my only workaround is to upload directly from my Bolt to TrainingPeaks and delete the TR version of the workout there.