Feature Request - Time Scrubbing

This morning I had to scrub forward during a workout and I’d love to see the actual ride time integrate with Strava rather than total ‘presumed’ workout time; for example, the workout was scheduled for 60 minutes, I rode just under 49 minutes but shows in Strava as 60 minutes.

I know it’s kinda anal but it’s how I think and track one of my goals for the year.


Hey there!

I consulted with a Development Support Specialist about this issue, and essentially what happens when you skip a section of the Workout is the program fills the skipped area in as null data or absence of data. It is up to the application that you are uploading to to be able to interpret this null data as non-riding time and ignore it, however, Strava does not seem to be doing that unfortunately :pensive:

Is skipping parts of your workout something you do frequently?

If so, it may be better for you to pick a different workout, or to edit the workout ahead of time using the Workout Creator to prevent this issue from recurring.

I’m sorry we don’t have a more elegant solution for you at this time.

Happy Training!

@Bryce Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve only scrubbed twice, so it’s not a common occurrence and I was way too deep in a session to start over.

Since I upload to Strava, it must be in the way they translate which I’ll just have to learn to look past.

In the end, it’s no big deal and not enough to dump a platform that continues to have great support and constantly looking for ways to improve…cheers!

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I recently scrubbed to drop last interval, and noticed that Strava looked weird. However the same workout synced to TrainingPeaks and it looks great on that platform.

Hi Bryce, I’ll add that it would be nice if there was a bit more flexibility in terms of managing the workout mid-workout. It would be nice to be able to (I’m an iOS user so these may exist in another platform) (1) skip an interval and/or skip the rest of an interval in the middle of that interval, so essentially swipe that interval away and move to the next one; and (2) extend the length of an interval, so essentially add the “Extend Warmup/Warmdown” option to every interval. Both of those features would add a lot of value for me personally. Thanks so much.


The way that the ride processes into a third-party application is determined by the platform receiving that data. Like I mentioned, we place null values in the scrubbed space and TrainingPeaks accurately interprets that as a skipped portion of the workout, while sadly Strava does not.

Thanks for the suggestion! We have been experimenting with mid-workout adjustments (as you’ve seen with the extend warmup/cooldown) and we are looking other ways we can leverage this newly developed capability :slight_smile:

We are not completely sure about all the ways this will be applied, but as always, we really appreciate your feedback and the direction it gives our future development.