Adding a second workout / increase progression level?

getting back into base after a successful 2023 and doing some endurance work around SS on other days of the week.

My question is - if i put a 1hr endurance ride on the calendar, but realize i have more time and immediately go into a second 1hr endurance workout, can TR determine that i just did (1) 2hr endurance ride and give me a higher progression level?

Same idea on SS or Tempo days - if im done with the scheduled workout but have some time left or still feel up for it and add on another 30min-1hr of endurance at the end, should the PL be higher than if I only did the scheduled 1hr ride?

No, as far as I know it doesn’t recognize either situation yet and give you “credit” for it.

Don’t get too tied up in endurance progression levels. They’re not throwing off AI ftp detection or holding you back or anything. Just do as much z2 as you have time for and the results will come.


Would say the overall tracking of your TSB as opposed to specific endurance progressions is the way to go. Look at your hard sessions as the priorities and add the endurance around that when you get the time.


At this time, doing a second workout won’t impact your Progression Levels unless that second workout is a higher Workout Level than the first one was. They won’t combine after the fact.

As @timon said already, though, don’t worry too much about it – Adaptive Training will still get your plan & workouts dialed in. Consider the bonus Z2 time as “extra credit” that’ll help make you faster – as long as you’re recovering from the additional work!