Add a family member to TR for free? (BikeRumor article)

Is this true? Can’t seem to find it anywhere else.

BikeRumor link

Hey @RMS138

Sorry for the confusion, this is not true. We will be reachingng out to BikeRumor to clarify.

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention :+1:.


No problem :+1:

I asked for clarification (without actually telling them they were wrong) on their FB post, and they never replied.

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Just a Rumor I guess.


Yup. A Bike Rumor, as it were.


More like bad reporting. I like BR, but that article is a mess. The title is totally misleading and their initial exclusion of TR was unbelievable.

And there are other mistakes in the article, but I’ve lost patience with them on fixing the train wreck.

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Always follow the money.

Meh, you think they got paid by all 10 of those companies? Nah.

Reading their replies to our comments about missing TR, they clearly wanted apps with entertainment value and visuals worth watching.

I think it wasn mild incompetence and a narrow focus that lead to their choices. The biggest issue I had initially was the “Every… compared…” claim in the title.

It’s actually little more than a superficial puff piece, with info no deeper than marketing blurbs. The addition of TR, with the mistakes and equally shallow info does little to fix the piece.