Adaptive Training surveys on Windows

Is it just me or is Adaptive Training on the Windows app quite flakey? The app has updated itself several times recently, but I find that on completing a workout one of two things consistently happens:

  1. I provide a survey response, I get a pop-up saying ‘Checking adaptations…’ and then …. nothing. It just sits there.
  2. I provide a survey response, there may or not be new adaptations, all seems to be good…. then I go into the house, look at TR using web browser on my iPad or PC (not the device I used to execute the workout) and it tells me that I never provided a survey response for the workout I just completed.

It’s not the end of the world, but it’s getting pretty irritating. And yes, I suppose I should email support. I guess I’m mostly posting here because I’ve seen a few updates for the Windows app but frankly it hasn’t seemed to improve my impression of how stable it is.

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  • This ^
  • “Stability” seems a very different thing than how it handles potential adaptations. If it’s crashing or stalling out and not performing, that’s one thing. Whether AT does stuff that makes sense is another thing entirely.

In either case, the best resource is TR support.

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