Adaptive training makes counterintuitive changes

TL;DR: The changes suggested by Adaptive training keep reducing my weekly TSS even though each workout has been easy and I’ve reported it as such in the post-workout surveys.

I started a new 5-week autogenerated plan for a Gran Fondo and this is my first time using Adaptive training. After the first few workouts felt overly easy and I manually increased my FTP. The next few workouts felt easy again so I also started scaling up the intervals to 105-110% and even extended a couple of rides with a free-form section at the end. Yet on 3 occasions so far the changes suggested by Adaptive Training reduce my weekly TSS by 5-10 points.

Is this supposed to happen? Shouldn’t it increase the TSS instead?

Have you tried contacting about this? They have the full access to best answer your questions.

Hey Chad. Not yet. Wanted to hear if anyone else has seen this. But I guess I should sooner rather than later. Thanks.

We can make some guesses, but they have far more access to your info, as well as the magic sauce we can’t touch. So it’s best to start with them at the very least, then post here for discussion after if needed.


Agree. Sending the email right now. Cheers!

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