Adaptive training ignoring RPE feedback (June 1st 2022)

Background: Started a new low volume plan without a multi-week period off the bike resulting in (relatively) high progress levels to start with (particularly in SS / TH). Thought the initial plan suggested by TR for Base 1 looked ludicrously hard for base training (=assuming at least +5 % performance increase by week 5 just to be doable) but decided to play along as it would be adjusted down if the workouts were too hard, right?

Now I am at week 3 and have struggled through two brutal (sub) TH work-outs pretending to be SS (IF 0.90 and 0,92). AT is of the opinion that these should not feel “very hard”, so classified by AT as “too intense”. Everything as it should be.

I am about the get some kind of relief next week? You would think so, but instead AT decided to bump up next week’s first workout (which it had slightly downgraded before) from 6.6 to 8.8 (IF 0.94).

It the goal here is to make sure I will fail the workout, hard starts should not only do it but make the experience as painful as possible. If AT thinks I am sandbagging my responses, my HR heavily disagrees (finishing in the death zone in both of this week’s SS workouts).

This is the first time I have encountered this type of insanity in AT. Previously “too intense” has resulted in downgrades for the next (week’s) workout(s) so not sure if this is a bug or a (new) feature.

Did you do a Ramp Test, use AI FTP Detection, or do any other FTP change at the start of this training phase?

  • There should be a Ramp Test applied at the start of any TR plan phase. Results vary, but getting that FTP change via any of those methods (to include a manual FTP change as well), the PL’s will typically drop some amount based upon the direction and value of the FTP change.
  • Just wondering if there was a potential step missed that might have “lowered the bar” for you at the start?

It does not address the stuff happening (or not) as you got further into the plan and had those hard ratings. Something just sounds off there, and might take a deeper review from TR support to learn what’s happening.

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Looking into this now.

Update after digging into your career page with the team:

We’re hearing your concern that Adaptive Training is not adjusting your workouts in the way you’re expecting as a result of your surveys. Adaptive training is trying to adjust your workouts to be more achievable, but we’re running into an edge-case in your instance that is affecting this.

Your situation will help us improve Adaptive Training. We’ve applied a fix for your upcoming workouts that should make them feel more manageable moving forward!