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Best contact TR support via email.

When in doubt always hit support@trainerroad.com before hitting the forum…. JS


Did the wahoo outdoor workouts bug get fixed?

That’s because the support team fixed it for youuuuuu haha.

There was a small population of athletes that were affected when we reprocessed Progression Levels. We’ve worked to fix these accounts proactively, but the team identified a few that weren’t fixed entirely - this seems to be the case for you.
You’ll still find that the Sunday workout didn’t change your progression levels. This is because your Progression Level is higher than the workout you did on Sunday. You should now find pending adaptations on your account based on your latest Progression Levels. :sunglasses:


Outside workouts pushed to or associated with activities from Wahoo headunits are being effectively considered within Adaptive Training! :tada:


For a month or so (August), outside CUSTOM workouts were being considered within Adaptive Training. And then they weren’t. I submitted a support request and the reason given by TR support:

"You are only able to get AT credit for a ride that has an Outside Version with a Workout Level. Since Custom Workouts cannot be pushed to Outside, you can’t get credit for them. "

While I understand a certain logic to that, my custom workouts are coming from TrainingPeaks and are pushed to both Garmin and TR. Disappointing to see this limitation.

Any idea on when AT support for outside non-TR structured workouts will return?

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Its still the highest priority for the development team to consider all and any unstructured rides and workouts within AT. As Nate mentioned on the podcast, its in an ‘Alpha’ testing phase, so as you can imagine, not promising a timeline is something we’ll uphold as with other features and releases to do right by our athletes.


@IvyAudrain will this also address the problem with indoor custom workouts having incorrect Workout Levels?

The answer to that will probably become more clear to the team during testing. The logic to identify an activity’s zones, duration of rest between efforts, scope of the work, etc, will either be applied broadly, or have to be applied in specific different ways based upon the source. It’s not clear in this phase of the process. Thanks for your patience!

They are structured, and TR has the structured workout, and my Garmin has the exact same structured workout.

If I understand correctly, TR’s position on imported or custom workouts is:

  • structured if performed inside, and receive AT credit
  • unstructured if performed outside. and no AT credit at the this time

Is that correct?

By unstructured, we mean non-TrainerRoad rides and workouts. This means: custom workouts made in WC, race rides files, group ride files, and any ‘structured’ ride with intervals or efforts outside (or inside) that is not associated with a TrainerRoad workout. :+1:

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Hmm… AT credit is no longer given to inside workouts that came from TR’s WorkoutCreator - did I read your reply correctly?

Ha, yes! That’s exactly what happened. I actually had a good interaction with your online chat support today and I’ve managed to get my progression levels back down to where I want them to be.

I had to ‘unassociate’ some TR workouts from my outdoor rides in order to get my levels back down (in case this is an issue for anyone else).


At least as of this morning, Progression Levels do increase based on custom TR workout creator workouts. I did an all out 5 minute test this morning, and now my VO2 PL is up to 8.2.

As a guide - I put in a 5 minute interval at 125% of FTP - so the Workout Level is based off of this. I came close at 122%

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Just to be clear, you did those inside on your Stages smart bike, correct?

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Thanks. So at the moment, what Ivy said about unstructured needs to be corrected (below):

TrainerRoad has a strange and confusing definition of unstructured. :-1: The fact AT credits a custom workout inside, but not outside, is also an odd limitation given AT was crediting outside custom workouts in August. I did a 3x12 upper tempo / sweet spot last night, it almost looks like an indoor workout :man_shrugging:

Here’s the workout:

And here’s my resulting career PLs:

Would it be better to NOT use ERG mode with Adaptive Training?
My though is without ERG mode one could ride intervals more consistent with fitness/freshness for that day. Or, in a workout with multiple interval types, each interval could be ridden at a more specific effort for that energy system.
I came to this question after doing Santa Rita. This is an Anaerobic 4.4. The 1:15 and 1:25 intervals felt to be the appropriate level, but the shorter intervals were way too easy. Without ERG mode, I could more easily increase the effort (more watts) on the shorter intervals and ride to target on the others.
Will AT adapt more effectively doing a workout this way (NOT in ERG mode)? Does what I am saying even make sense? :crazy_face:

There was a mention of a potential feature of AT to show a projected FTP (or FTP range) for a training plan. Is this something that is still coming?

(might have been the first podcast where at was discussed)