Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2021)

Another great gravel ride.
The weather currently is just about perfect for gravel, little to no rain, relatively sunny, warm enough (just around 10C).

Too bad it‘s winter time now (as in CEWT), which means hardly any more rides after work :persevere:


Las Vegas Cyclery.

It’s a big bike shop. They had a surprising amount of inventory in stock. Hundreds of bikes.

Had good rental options available. I rented a Stumpjumper. The bike was in good condition other than a faulty rear brake that I identified only while out on the trails. Thankfully there were no long descents where it could have become an issue.


Super - thanks for the information :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Hobbs State Park Karst Loop in NW Arkansas. Such a fun trail and we’re starting to see Fall colors.


A bit of a storm hit here in the morning. By the rest of the world standards it was barely a breeze but it done a bit of damage. After though apart from being blustery it turned into a beautiful day so I went out for a wee explore on the Gravel bike.

It started out well just the few small fallen trees that were easy to bypass.

Then I ddecided to explore a closed in byway to escape the wind. It similarly started well with a few fallen trees that were easy to bypass.

However it soon became impassible


After a month of training by HR, its back to training by power.

Pretty good “paint by power targets” tonight. Only stopped at a few traffic lights :+1:

Got home before sunset, and just before turning into my neighborhood I pulled into the new pavilion to see the first Wed food trucks:

Looking straight thru the pavilion is a brick building off the distance. A microbrewery is moving in soon, hoping they have good food!


Carson-2 was on the schedule for today. With the weather a bit sketchy, I opted to do this 1hr sweet spot on the gravel bike outside rather than the road bike on rollers. i knew it was chilly outside, but it wasn’t as cold as my Garmin said. (Usually, it pulls the weather from near the airport, about 14 miles north, but today for some reason it used a town less than half that and south of us. :man_shrugging:)

The actual temp was between 2-5C, but it felt more like 6 or 7 :slight_smile:

Autumn is in full swing here, though temp-wise we’ve jumped straight to early winter. In fact, some snow fell early in the ride.

GPTempDownload (5)
GPTempDownload (4)

And here’s my version of @Ultrawolf’s happy face.
GPTempDownload (1)

Because I ran out of hills to do the sweet spot intervals, there was a point later in the ride where I kept restarting the intervals after cruising to a new climb. That plus a call meant the 1hr Carson-2 took 2hrs. And yes, it’s a weekday and I went out for a morning ride. This fit because the son is home for parent-teacher-student conferences (2nd day, 1st day was last week when I scheduled all of the meetings), meaning I could lazily get going and the only thing I was impacting was my own work, which I need to now get to…


is that -12.8 (-12,8) or -128?!

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No, the reading did not include a decimal. At least it was trying to tell me the weather at Wädenswil, which was far more likely to be similar to where I am and where I was riding than out near the airport. The valleys here can have microclimates of sorts. Plus, Wädenswil is on Lake Zurich and I’m riding at least one valley over if not two or more depending. In other words, the weather forecast by Garmin tends to be unreliable, at least here in Switzerland. YMMV.

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Given it pulls the temperature from the Internet, it seems the reporting station had a problem or an error introduced between the Internet and Garmin.

You should see some of the Strava premium data, or even better, a local guy paid for Klimat.app to auto-populate Strava:

(it wasn’t raining!)

and its often wrong:

yes that me poking the bear :rofl:

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I use myWindsock.com and its record of the weather etc. is usually right. I like its weather impact stat (lol, anything to pretend I am faster :rofl:). The paid version calculates your CdA but I just tend to do it backwards from TT results (It predicts a time for a course based on CdA and power; I know my power and time so I can interpolation back to CdA).


Does myWindsock offer anything for free? Only saw paid options on the Premium Features page, and nothing in FAQ. I’d like to try it, but I mostly train in the same area and a winery has a weather station on Wunderground.com and I simply pull that up and use it. The other nice thing about Wunderground is that it maintains historical data on the stations. Visually Windfinder.com is interesting, but no local reporting stations are on it even though it seems pretty accurate.

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The stats in my Strava feed are free. I’m not sure if they’ve got much US courses but the predicted time on a course for estimated CdA and given power (up hill power, downhill power and flat power) is free, I think they do similar for segments and there’s a few other elements you can look at for free.

Oh I just remembered you can load in any strava course for free so its not just UK (I usually look at the stock UK TT courses).

This might work (although you may need to register) but this is what I see in the free version (theres a lot more stats of screen) I can only access any hourly forecast for a week, in the premium you get a month of data.

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On weeknights with an hour of intervals, this is the standard 20 mile loop I use:

(not the most photogenic for posting pics on this thread :rofl: )

That is Garmin Connect map with temp/wind from last night’s workout. The wind data is often wrong due to our microclimates. My solution to that has been to screen scrape a Wunderground weather station about 2-3 miles east of the left edge of that map.

For example here are actuals during the hour I was on that Strava segment last night:

Pretty boring wind last night, but I absolute noticed a push and speed increase from that SE wind on my first 12 minute interval. And then the wind changed direction, first giving me a headwind, and then later a tailwind.

Given the speeds it wasn’t a big deal last night. The concern is during our normal windy season when Garmin/Strava/Klimat pull weather data from a nearby airport and its 5-15mph lower than where I ride.

I like to know how much of a tailwind push I get when coming home to a top 3 segment time. My current workaround is to come home, pull up Wunderground, and find the actual wind within 15 minutes of that segment, and put that into TP/WKO/Strava.

Will register and give myWindsock a try, and hopefully can load that 20 mile Strava segment. Thanks for the help!


Maryland looking good from the mountain bike this afternoon.



seems to me there might be a couple of customers on this thread looking forward to consumer CdA meters coming to market soon.

To state the obvious about the weather apps, @bbarrera, there are differences in the quality of their inputs and outputs. Here in Switzerland, I found Apple’s Weather app to be virtually useless (not horribly so but enough to not bother with it) but the Swiss Wetter-Alarm to be very good and to provide very good localized weather, which is important considering the separating hills and lake-fueled micro-climates. It’s worth mentioning that when I lived in London, I used Dark Sky, which provided highly accurate rain predictions, not just temperatures, down the half- or quarter-hour (as in, it’ll rain where you are starting in 20min and accurately inform whether it’ll be a light rain or heavy rain). Dark Sky, which was just as ineffective here as Apple’s Weather app, was since purchased by Apple with some of its features incorporated into their Weather app. (Find Me An Interesting Storm was a fun feature of Dark Sky.)

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A consumer CdA meter ad keeps popping up on my web pages (sigma sports). I can’t remember the price it was certainly £1k+ maybe even £3k, consumer ? :joy:

In accuweather’s minute cast app I got through Garmin IQ seems OK, its just a rain forecast for everyminute of the next 2hours, I’m not sure of accuweather’s coverage in your area. People rave about a Norwegian app YR.no that probably will have coverage.

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