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Question on AT, I recently got (and accepted) an adaptation based on doing well in a workout and I’m concerned it may have ‘over adapted’ a little too much.

Basically I think my performance on the day was an anomaly and so the upscaling of future workout difficulty is probably an over stretch.

My own fault of course - I could have rated the workout as harder than it was.

Obviously if I fail the next couple of workouts then AT ought to do it’s thing and notch things back a little.

Is there any way to preempt this by undoing or notching back manually the most recent adaptation?

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Just select and perform an easier alternate and AT will perform its magic.


You can change your survey response for up to seven days after the workout. You could try this and see what adaptations it triggers. Or you could leave things as they are and maybe you’ll surprise yourself :muscle:


Haha :laughing: you’re right of course
I’m just being a coward :joy:

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I got some help from the team answering this one! (Thanks @SeanHurley :crown:)
ERG mode’s inherent response time can reduce how long you spend at target power by a few seconds for short, high-intensity surges. The actual effect on training is probably negligible, but some athletes prefer to do these workouts in Standard mode for this reason. But as far as Adaptive Training’s assessment of your workout is concerned, it doesn’t make any difference which mode you use. You won’t be penalized or viewed as having struggled due to the response time of ERG mode.

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I have a question that might have been answered already but haven’t seen it. Can someone use the polarized plans and use AT to incorporate more “standard” workouts for their respective A races? i.e. using a polarized plan and incorporating billats for XCO or long sweet spot for XCM?

I ask because I’m usually limited to 4 days a week on my bike, but prefer to get outside twice a week for non structured z2 rides leaving only 2 real days a week to “train”. Outside workouts are great but a lot of weeks I just want to cruise up single track in Z2 and shred down a few times a week or “go full enduro” and focus on descending (former mid-pack enduro racer turned XC-nerd).

The two polarized plans are meant to replace base and build blocks, so when you use Plan Builder, just go for the recommended sweet spot base and build blocks. Then in the calendar you can swap those out for polarized plans. However, there is no polarized option for specialty as that doesn’t make sense. The specialty phase isn’t meant to increase your fitness, but to get your body used to discipline-specific demands.

I enjoyed the podcast, found it very informative and I was quite convinced that AT is working and can only get better.

However those with a Wattbike do not have an option to take a workout out of Erg mode because TrainerRoad cannot be bothered to make their product work with Wattbike.

ive tried searching this thread but didn’t see this covered;

On mid-vol plan, which is fine as i do train 8-10hrs a week.
The issue is i can only do max 75min in the morning before work and then 2x2hr rides on saturday and sunday.
Currently AT keeps programming me 90min weekday workouts. It seems silly that I need to fail a workout ONLY so that i can say “Time” in the survey and hope that this will then adapt appropriately.

Is there a better way to resolve this?

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Yes, pick a 75min alternative before you start the workout.


But the program doesn’t adapt. So every single workout I have to play grab bag to try and find appropriate workout from the alternative list.
Yes levels makes it easier, but its a unnecessary work around.

I’m pretty sure but not entirely that the plan adapts based on the same workout lengths regardless if you have more time or not. So if you follow a mid volume plan it’s going off the standard mid volume time constraints and workout lengths in the plan. AT can’t read your mind that you have more time on certain days so that’s why they have workout alternates.
Once the workouts adapt each week choose longer versions. I do the same thing :man_shrugging:


Yeah, the time tag is for failing a workout that you expected to be able to complete, but that specific time you just had less. This would have a lesser impact on the workout failure if it felt like you could do it, but just ran out of time that day, as opposed to it being too difficult.

As said above, the workout lengths are based on what was chosen as the base program, if you can’t stick to the workout lengths in the original plan, drop the plan volume down.

It would be interesting / neat if they could come up with a way eventually to adjust volume ( on both directions, not just lowering it ) but not sure the best way to do it reliably, and I’m sure that’s not at the top of the list, as we can simply select an alternate volume that works with our time constraints.


I think if you use “Time” then you still get credit as a pass in AT and future adaptations. I did a workout last week that I had to interrupt four times due to callouts, I still got the credit which is good, though it is unsatisfying to look out on the calendar.

The answer currently is the 75min “Alternative” which as you say is a bit of a faff if you’re doing it for every single workout. I believe there’s a feature request for being able to specify workout time per day in the Plan Builder process. Pretty sure it was acknowledged by Ivy/TR but it’ll be down the queue a bit I guess.

Dear TR forum,

Please refer me to the right thread if this is the wrong one for individual adaptive training questions, but my case may also interest others.

As you can see in this image my Sweet Spot progression is at level 6.5.

The Sweet Spot Base Training plan is not adapting the originally recommended workouts. I always have to go into replace workout in order to get something closer to my progression level. Wright Peak -2 for today was already changed manually by me.

If I look at the Sweet Spot Base 1 Training plan it includes workouts that are more along the line of my progression level.

Why are the workouts not updating? When I was in the select beta group the app said: “adaptions pending” when it was going to recommend changes.

Lastly, if I replace the Wednesday and Friday rides with slightly longer recovery/base, is this taken into consideration?


Hop on the Live Chat with support. They are super helpful and can possibly check AT is turned on properly or something? Looks like it’s not adapting at all, which might be some gremlin, or something innocuous.

When did you add your plan? Is it an individual phase, or via PB?

Anyone know how to change the category/zone of a workout?

I have created the custom workout below, and TR classifies it as a VO2max workout. But it’s really a sweet spot workout.

Is there any way to change the category from VO2max to Sweet Spot?

Thanks, that is what I was thinking. Will do so first thing on Monday when they are online.

I added the plan probably four weeks ago. It is just an individual phase, not Plan Builder.

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Send email to support@ and hope they can do it.

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