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Any thoughts about adding an additional interval during a workout?

Or taken from the opposite direction:
As soon as AT will rate the actual work (and not be linked to the exact workout loaded)…I could just pick a harder workout version with an additional set of intervals and if I don’t feel the last set…I could skip it or just do endurance…but get a rating based on all the previous intervals of that workout…(?)


Yes! I’m on polarized and loving it but in 8 weeks, what do I do? I prefer to continue it but TR has no options for it.

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The TR 6 week POL plan is the Base, and the 8 week plan is the Build. Stands to reason you would pick an appropriate Specialty plan, if you flow their typical B, B, S approach.

I just looked through the thread and didn’t see this question asked so there you go.

I’m using the plan builder and AT to build fitness required for a big MTB stage race in August’22 (Mongolia Bike Challenge). I know from experience I respond really well to high volume plans, but life does get in the way and I built a mid-volume plan for now.

I’m divorced with two kids, get to see them every Thursday and every other weekend. So here’s the catch - I want to be able to do a much higher volume once every two weeks, can only do this by replacing prescribed workouts during those weekends. When my kids are with me, I can only do a 60-90 min indoor workout as I want to spend most time with them, not on a trainer.

This results in a schedule of alternating mid- and high-volume weekends, something that AT is currently not really well suited for. After recent high volume weekend (180 min sweet spot/tempo work on Saturday and 120 min easy on Sunday), AT was suggesting adapting down on next Sunday workout. I get why and I could simply reject the suggested adaptation, but would be great if there was an option for a more macro planning, rather than the weekly cycle.

Any plans to roll out historical tracking of Progression Levels? Would be cool to see progress within each system


100%. I think it would be cool to have an ‘adaptations log’ and you can see what/when progressions were made.


@Nate_Pearson @Jonathan maybe a bit late for the question.

I’m not on a plan builder plan. Every week I’ll load up a 2 hour endurance workout and do as much of the 2 hours as time allows for, normally between 1:30 and 1:45.

I’ll fill out the post workout survey and select Time as the reason for ending early.

Will this have any negative consequences? Would it be better to T up a 1:30 endurance workout and finish the whole thing?

I listened to it whilst I was making dinner, my ears pricked up when they were talking about the ramp/ftp test and I liked what I heard. My understanding was that was perfectly acceptable to do just one FTP test to get into the system but even if you take a week off for some reason the system is clever enough to adapt. Its only in the case of an extended brake (eg through a broken leg) that they recommend doing a ramp test to enable you to reenter the system.

My take on it was that if you were fairly constant in your FTP then there was no need for a test, even if you made minor manual adjustments. The exceptions mentioned were those starting training who were likely to see big gains and those who modified their FTP by some significant margin - the quoted figures were changing from 200W to 235W.


I’d select a workout that fits within your constraints, so I’d go with the 90min workout.


This I think is still a work in progress. After doing almost 4000 miles of zone 1 and 2 this summer and now in SSB low volume, My levels show Endurance at 1.6.

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Glad to hear that - I will try to listen to that soon.
I do realize that AT analyzing ‘any’ ride and analyzing it for progression levels correctly is a big ask. I hope that we can get some incremental changes, such as properly analyzing rides that are cut short or extended, or with increased/decreased intensity. I guess if handling ‘everything’ is a few months off, then no point it handling the easier cases separately, but given the current analysis limitations I think it is much further out than that.

I’m not sure if this is a glitch or AT doesn’t like what I did changing my workout:

I had a 90min 2.4 level threshold workout Saturday on the schedule, but I decided to ride outside, so I picked a 60min 2.4 level threshold to replace it the next day on Sunday.

When I completed the workout and answered the survey, my level stayed at 1.0 even though the workout was done as prescribed.

Does AT not like these substitutions? Or a bug?

I’d check in with the team at support@trainerroad.com to make sure you got credit for that associated outside workout to count towards your progression levels.

So I’m in the same boat at @DavidWms . Does a pollarized approach apply to the specialty part of a plan? If so, then would be good to see that from TR. Or if someone can highlight good resources for specialty that would be good.

While I understand training somewhat, I’ve been looking to TR to be a “one source” vs me having to put more intellectual horsepower into thinking about training design. I realize many posting here take much more interest and an ownership in designing/owning their training.

  • Remember that the POL plans fall under the “Experimental” section of the TR plans. As such, they are not as complete as the other TR plan offerings. Some level of self-reliance may be necessary in order to use the POL plans.
  • From all I have seen and heard, many coaches tend to transition away from POL as athletes approach their target events.

  • Per the info in the POL Build plan:

After you complete the Build Phase, you can progress into a Speciality Phase that best aligns with your goals.

  • As such, I think TR is taking a non-POL approach to Specialty phase.

After I finish the 6 Wk Pol plan, HV, up next is Sustained Power Build MV, followed by SS Base II, MV, then 40KTT MV (targeting my “A” even 40K road race). I understand the need for more SS and TH work in the 40KTT plan, but the other two are also SS and TH centric.

The changes are visible on the calendar - the workouts that have increased PLs have “+0.3” or similar on them.

What happens if I suddenly realized I need to turn-on Power Match™ and will it significantly impact adaptive training suggestions? I just realized an 11% delta from my power meter to my ancient H1.

Strange, so I mentioned above that I didn’t get credit for doing a 2.4 threshold level with it staying at 1.0, and now I check again, and all my levels are way up and now have a threshold level of 6.3! Ha, now I have the opposite problem!

In addition, it suggested adaptations that are much higher than I’m ready for. Is there a way for me to just reset my levels?