Adaptive Training Is Now Out of Beta & Fully Available to All TrainerRoad Athletes!

I signed up for the closed Beta, but finally got to see the update now with the open Beta. I don’t plan on using AT for workouts the forseeable future but certainly interested in how the AT looks at my progression levels. Currently almost all of my training this year was either Achievable/Recovery or Not recommended lol. After this part of the year where I do basically free riding, curious to see how it reacts to future rides. I do 50% outdoors so probably not going to be great until that part shakes out.

Seems working good, sure, there are no Spint workouts in my Sprint Tri Plan, but good to know, that the progression levels are good, my next step is increasing my Anaerobic workout Level.

I hope they are indirect involving vo2max workouts, mean the targets of a set 13x20/15 as in Brasted is mostly to easy for me, need more resistance :nerd_face:

Why these levels on the Training Plans description are not equal to the progressione levels?

Screenshot 2021-08-30 101346

Or is it possible to, so it is easier to compare?

How does AT take into account overall/weekly training load on a failed workout survey? I’m on a Plan Builder training plan (currently SSB-MV), went for a very intense ride on Friday which was supposed to be a rest day (just too nice a day to not be on the bike), then was unable to complete the scheduled Saturday morning TR workout.

I finished 30-some minutes of a 90 minute workout, quit it, then selected “Training Fatigue” as the reason for failure. So what I’m wondering is this: does AT include the previous days high-intensity ride as part of its calculations for future workouts and weight the failed workout as less important, will it exclude the intense workout from the previous day and potentially consider the current iteration of the training plan to be difficult, or (most likely) is it just one more data point on the curve?

I’ve been adding some extra endurance rides in to raise overall training load, and I’m hoping to get a better sense how this affects the AT’s planning. Should I continue to add some rides to the possible detriment of my planned work (but fun!) or just FTFP and find something else to do?

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I really don’t think AT takes any additional load into consideration. I’ve been doing extra endurance on my CX specialty HV plan (ended up with 3 extra hours of riding on to of the 8:15 designed by the plan this past week) and the only adaptations I have are just nudges in progression level. AT doesn’t really mess with volume. So it really comes down to your goals as to whether you enjoy doing the random rides (which is great) or if you really want to stick with the plan, and maybe add lighter endurance to supplement.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I guess I’m hoping this is heading towards what Xert does in a (very) barebones style that I really like: “You’ll do x hours of total training this week, and here’s the breakdown of workouts that’ll get you where you want to go” while being able to make adjustments on the fly based on things that are happening outside the plan, like extra outdoor rides.

This obviously won’t happen until AT can do outdoor, unstructured rides, but it would have been great to see AT switch a high SST Saturday workout to a rest or endurance day after a high-intensity workout on your usual rest day.

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I’ve got another vlog, week 23, 6 more weeks until end of this AT cycle and my A race, gonna be racing in 2 weeks after a recovery week so I’ll be in a pseudo-peak then


@IvyAudrain Is it possible in the future to get the TB plans via the plan builder hack like you can for polarized?


I think this is supposed to be a resource on what the goals of the given plan are, so you know in which zones to expect progression. For the one you provided, only expect the plan to target progression in the three zones noted with sustained power being the primary zone.

I think this could be better communicated in what TR has available because a lot of folks are likely to see the graph and think that’s what their levels should look like and that is not its purpose as far as I can tell.

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Not sure how well known this is, but for anyone doing outdoor rides that wants credit towards their progression levels, you can associate an outdoor ride with a TR indoor workout after the fact.

Follow the instructions: Match a Planned Workout with a Completed Workout/Ride – TrainerRoad

Then update the ride survey and you should see your progression levels update after that.

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That is partly covered in the official support article (from within the AT articles section) as linked in the OP at the top:


Looking into this! Im sure it will depend upon how many athletes effectively use Polarized training, and if it makes sense to allocate resources towards it when Plan Builder can also give you a Polarized plan. TBD!

Thanks. I added polarized via the switch and did ramp tonight. Have a good one.

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Admittedly, I’ve ridden too many rides of late but there’s been no adaptation in the last week until yesterday’s unstructured (bank holiday bonus) exploratory ride on the the gravel bike. Looking at the ride, I was in Zone 1 60% of the time and I was in Zone 2 the rest of the time. I didn’t think that unstructured rides altered adaptive training, especially one based on heart rate only but this has :exploding_head:

You haven’t just started a new block have you?

Just because it seems that you don’t get adaptations to upcoming workouts if they’re in a different block or in a rest week - they happen once you start the new block.


That could be it, looking at my calendar Base 2 started today, cheers.

Edit: I’ve hit all my workout targets and hit a lot of PBs in time trials but AT suggested 14 downwards adaptations but as I say I’ve done a lot of riding so I decided to accept them and trust the process.

Just be aware, this could be because your PLs have decayed because the unstructured riding you’ve been doing hasn’t counted towards them. It’s one thing to trust the process, but you also need to understand it doesn’t currently cover all your riding and might undersell you a bit. There’s no harm in picking some higher level alternates if you know where you’re at and want to kickstart the new block a bit.

That said, it’s also OK to just go along with it and and see how it progresses after a week of the survey responses you give :slight_smile: I’ve been doing a bit of that - with a history of being burnt out on TR plans I’m happy to be undersold rather than oversold.


started a new plan yesterday and enabled AT open beta.

how nice is it that AT plans around my time off! my biggest issue working against continuous training: I have variable amount of days I can’t train due to work / visitors. before planning and adapting a plan around this always took SO much time. I feel now there is a system that takes care of me. really awesome :grinning:

minor issues, reported to support.


Hi all. I have completed SSBLV-1 supplemented with long endurance rides (total 8-10 hours per week) and culminated with a 7-hour climbing marathon.

I am now training for a PR on a 6% climb with target time of 32 minutes. I figure, this should be a solid threshold effort. Scheduled date is September 26. Plan builder has me doing short VO2 max intervals twice a week and a productive (but more achievable) over-under session once a week. Rest will be endurance/tempo outside rides.

Do you think a plan that relies mostly on short VO2 max work is right for a 30-minute FTP race? Should I not be doing longer FTP intervals instead?

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How did you define the event in plan builder?

Sounds to me like you want a TT plan, probably continuous from your SSB work that you’ve already laid down. Classically would have been Progression to sustained power build.