Adaptive Training Is Now Out of Beta & Fully Available to All TrainerRoad Athletes!

Custom workout levels are in a weird spot as far as I know. The level calculations are all across the board. The staff knows this but we haven’t seen any movement on it in release notes yet.

As for the other workout levels, I’m not sure. Best guess is there is a longer break between the first three intervals and the last three intervals, and that that somehow contributes.

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What about new beta AI in android version of TR app? I haven’t seen any changes in TR app on my Samsung s10+. Any surveys shows up after finished workout and I don’t see other “AI” staff at all.

Today, after a few weeks in AT Beta, I have a ramp test planned (Plan Builder Sprint Triathlon), but strangely, I received and accepted adaptations before the test this morning.

In principle, how should I answer the survey after a ramp test?

4 or 5?

A ramp test is always all out for me, should I still rate it with a 4?

Do you get a survey after the ramp test? I’ve not done one whilst on AT so don’t know. I’d have thought that the change in FTP would be the main trigger since as you say a ramp test is, or should be, all out.

i don’t know, it is my first Ramp Test in AT Beta, I just want to be properly prepared, if that’s how it is supposed to be

probably my progression levels have to be adapted if I do too well or too badly?

No you do not get a Survey after a ramp test, your levels will drop. I think it depends on your current levels on how far they drop.


You’re getting the right advice here about post-Ramp Test surveys, but I’d make sure your Android app is updated to the most recent version, and as always, you should reach out to if you think something is amiss. :v:

just sharing my latest vlog (week 22!)


For Run/Bike and AT. Is it better to delete the swims and still get the regular adaptive results? Or should is it better to skip them?

Just skip it/dont mark it as ‘complete’ if you’d like to still receive adaptations that result from it.
Any Swim and Run workouts in your training plan that aren’t marked as completed will be considered skipped by Adaptive Training and trigger adaptations for future workouts. :sunglasses:

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but if i only do duathlon with tri-plans, can i delete the swim workouts or will my bike / run workouts be adjusted if i skip swim workouts?

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I could do much harder sprints than my FTP allows, i.e. with AT I then have to do a breaktrough workout so that my progression level is increased in the sprint, if that is not enough, do another breaktrough workout until I think that is my correct range for the sprint zone, right?

think " Stangate -3" or “Birling -2” could be the right workout for this?

I got a mail some days ago that i am in closed beta for adaptive training.

Also have the latest update (btw the automatic updates of trainnerroad are really annoying and super slow (have a 300Mbit ISP connection…)).

But what changed now with adaptive training?
I see no new section in the program, just still workouts and trainingplans.
Is it hidden under “Train Now”?

Essentially yes.

Or for a slower progression, if you are rating all the sprint ones easy and all the threshold ones hard AT will adapt the sprint ones upwards to make your next sprint workouts harder (note AT seems to learn your normal responses so if you deliberately rate everything easy in the hopes of getting faster progressions across the zones it probably won’t work…).

I don’t think any of the plans really target sprint though do they? So you aren’t going to see a lot in the way of automated adaptations. But that should work for other zones (I tend to find Sweetspot relatively easy compared to what I think TR expects / others report so thats basically what happened for me there).

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Now that Adaptive Training is in open beta you might have to enable it under “early access”

Even then the progression levels are only relevant to plans built with “plan builder”

EDIT: progression levels are only used to adapt plans built with “plan builder”. They are still used for other things as discussed below…

ummm I think you have this wrong… I am in the Beta. I have NOT used the Plan builder. Progression levels work for me on a standard TR plan, and when I am off plan. In fact progression levels are useful to me, even though I am not using Plan Builder. I can even associate outside rides with a workout and get a progression level change.

I think you will find it is AT ADAPTATIONS that do not work unless I am using Plan Builder. All that means is that I get to choose a workout, or I let TrainNow suggest one.

@IvyAudrain Sorry, I know you did not want questions and comments on this. I really suggest this is closed, but people need somewhere to ask questions…


Exactly - even if you are not using Plan Builder (hence getting automated adaptations), your PLs are still set based on completed TR workouts and you can still use your PLs as a handy way to either select alternative workouts to those scheduled or to more easily find suitable extra workouts (which is basically what I do when adding off-plan workouts and I want something harder than what TrainNow suggests).

Correct - I wasn’t clear :+1:

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We absolutely want comments! Our intent is to not stifle discussion, but rather to clear confusion that these threads were the place to drop questions and report bugs. That ultimately didnt serve to help athletes get help effectively, nor did it help encourage comments and discussion amidst the web of thousands of posts. Comment away! :sunglasses:


Ok, sorry, misunderstood. :+1: