Adaptive Training "intensity week"

I would like to be able to schedule a “training camp” week, or an “extra intensity” week the same way I can add time-off and holidays.

It would remove the guesswork from adjusting the scheduled plan when more time becomes available :slight_smile:

Thst would be pretty cool. But if it’s ad hoc then why not just use TN to add another workout? Or alternates to make scheduled ones longer?


I think that would be extremely difficult to implement as the programs are designed to be at the manageable level of intensity for a week. The amount of additional “intensity” one could absorb would be so varied.

A feature I’ve seen requested, which I think makes sense, is an option to add volume to current plans in a considered manner, mostly via Zone Two workouts on top of the plan.

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I guess the difference (in my mind) would be handling the recovery and adapting the remainder of the plan. For example, right now my “personal training camp” (week of holiday in which I’ll be able to bring my bike :P) comes right across the beginning of a recovery week: I’d like AT to move the recovery week forward and fill the beginning and end of the other 2 weeks “the best way possible”.

The challenge with TN is simply that it doesn’t take into account the overall plan’s goal, right? :slight_smile:

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But that’s exactly what AT is about right? Putting some “individual consideration” over that ambiguity (the fact that every rider will be able to absorb different amount of stress, in particular based on the situation heading into the effort week). Increase volume for a week goes in the same direction; as I was mentioning above, I’d also like it to “clean” the plan around it (maybe taper into it? Maybe put in a “recovery”-ish week after?)

The whole concept of AT is continuous, manageable progression. An “intensity week” is basically the opposite of that training ideology.

If you have the time and want one, I’d say it’s easy enough to use a combo of train now and stretch workouts to put together a high tss week, and then schedule a recovery week after. Don’t think you need an algorithm to do that.

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My take on AT’s goals is not just managing progression, rather managing things “around” progression (the training plan per se is designed to be progressive, what AT does is ingest a bunch of other AI features with the goal of assessing how much more - or less - the athlete is capable of absorbing).

Hence, leveraging AT would in my mind take some of the guess work (picking up the right workout and helping assess how “high” the high TSS week can actually be).

But agree it’s definitely something you can do in other ways.

You’re getting the right advice here, in that Workout Alternates would be the right move. That way you’re still hitting the same marks in terms of systems you’re trying to develop, and AT adjusts the following workouts after your added intensity accordingly. :v:

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