Adaptive training with trainnow

I’m trying to understand the impact of trainnow on adaptive training plans

I am using a low volume plan that has 3 hard workouts a week. If I use trainnow for an extra 4th moderate intensity ride or a 5th ride, will it throw off the intensity of the preplanned workouts?

Depends on what you mean by “throw off the intensity”.

Adding stress with workouts above Endurance level could lead to more fatigue than you can handle, but that is a more complex question/answer than what AT/TN are meant to handle when we start “modifying” plans.

AFAIK, AT is not actively managing “stress” as much as seeing how you handle one workout, and then adapt if needed, to make the next workout harder/easier/leave it the same with the goal of hitting your ultimate training plan. All that is based upon a planned progression via the Plan Builder applied to your Calendar.

Adding work on top of that is likely fine, as long as you are actively considering how you are actively handling the work and recovery. AT is not to that level of diagnostics at this point from anything I have seen.

Add the workout. Respond accordingly.

At might move some progression levels and subsequent workouts based on how you did.

I’m doing similar and it’s working a ok.

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Thanks. Very helpful info!