Adaptive training in Criterium plan

Hi all

I’ve moved from zwift to tr to experience the adaptive training option. I enabled the adaptive training option in my settings.
I’ve loaded a speciality criterium plan .
Question is whether the adaptive training option only applies to plans that are done via plan builder? I.e. build phase, sweet spot phase, speciality phase and so on ? Or it can be applied to any training block that you load into your calendar ?


AT currently only works with plans added to your calendar via Plan Builder. It may change in future to work on/adapt any plans or workouts that you add.

Also I don’t believe it works on Speciality plans, just Base and Build. Not completely sure on that as I’ve not done a speciality plan whilst on AT, best that @IvyAudrain or someone from TR confirms it.

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Thanks for coming back to me. Based on the screenshot and stuff that I’ve just found , the answer is not yet by the looks of it.

Hope it gets added soon.

Generally in software you add one thing at a time then it’s easier to debug (fix any problems) than adding A, B & C and then not knowing what’s broken things. At the moment they (TR) are looking at getting outdoor rides correctly - this is a big task, they were originally just looking at having TR outdoor workouts done but felt that doing outdoor rides all together was a better route.

There’ll be other items, including non Plan Builder plans and workouts in the pipeline.

Have a play around with Plan Builder. As a suggestion put an ‘A’ event about 8-10 weeks out. PB tends to do repeats of Base - Build until shortly before the event when it switches to Speciality so if you fiddle things you might get a week or two of Build then the rest Speciality leading up to your “event”. No guarantee that AT will work on that part of the plan though.


I get that software debugging is better done a step by step option to see what actually caused the issue.
The trick with setting up an event closely to the plan start date might reduce the build phase. I might actually type in repeated crit races every 4 weeks to see how whis will affect it.


Adaptive training does work on specialty plans, I’m halfway through CX specialty and have been getting them. If people watched my YouTube vlog series they’d know lol


When setting up plan builder, if you select “I’ve done a lot of interval training”, it will reduce the amount of base and build in favor of speciality.

That, and messing with backdating the start date of the plan can usually get what people want, with some repeat tries.