Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

There is an open feature request for this in the system.

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I did next Tuesday’s workout instead of a Ramp Test tonight. Afterwards I was told there were adaptations pending, and I thought I accepted them, but my calendar hasn’t changed. Can it take awhile to update? It’s been about 1.5 h. TIA

You ranked it a 3 and it downgraded? That doesn’t sound like intended behaviour; certainly not something I’ve experienced.

I’ve been ranking most of mine 3 (Hard), with the odd 2 (moderate) and 4 (very hard). I’ve not actually had that many adaptations, but the ones I have had seem in line with expectations.

General AT feedback from me - I’ve been doing ~3 TR workouts indoors per week (always done LV plans) and 3-4 outdoor rides per week since I got in mid-May. I guess this is fairly typical for many TR users this time of year. I try to do TR Tuesday and Thursday, club rides Wednesday and Saturday, then the 3rd TR ride Sunday although I have been skipping this if the weather’s good. After listening to the FastTalk on two-a-days I think I might try doing a 1hr version of the Sunday one in the morning then heading for an easy ride afterwards (the Sunday ride is often a cafe ride with my wife). I’ll normally then add in a TR TrainNow ride or an outdoor Z2 ride for 6 days a week riding, 10-12 hours a week on average for this year.

The only real issues I have had with AT so far are:

  • it’s obviously not directly accounting for all the outdoor riding in the PLs. I don’t really mind this. It does sort of indirectly account for them, since if you get fitter from the outdoor riding you’ll start rating the indoor workouts much easier
  • Outdoor workouts coming from Strava weren’t working even if they were done on Garmin - need to come from Garmin Connect. I’ve not actually done many outdoor TR workouts as I don’t have great roads for the intervals - I prefer to just stick to the turbo for the 2-3 “key” sessions per week and top up with outdoor riding (even if I do often have a goal in mind for the outdoor rides). I just accept this means my Endurance PL in TR looks low - it doesn’t really matter anyway since I only have endurance workouts in the recovery weeks and AT doesn’t seem to adjust the recovery weeks much anyway (I did a 10 hour ride on Saturday and a 4 hour ride Sunday, so you’d think my endurance was OK…)
  • Moving workouts around in the calendar broke the link to Plan Builder so if you moved next week’s Thursday workout to Friday, then completed a Stretch workout, it wouldn’t adjust the Friday workout up. Not totally clear if this is fixed yet. This is a bit of a pain for me as I like to move stuff around for work, social reasons etc.

I know my Sweetspot is pretty good, so initially I used Alternates to get a harder one as I could see the suggested ones were too easy, then it settled out at an appropriate level. I don’t really see this as a problem, but I can see how others might (based on this thread…) - presumably if it was way easy you’d rank it 1 or 2 and it would bump you up a lot anyway. But I am into Specialty now so there aren’t SS on the menu at the moment.

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Yeah, it’s not the first time either. I had the same with a vo2max session yesterday (which is funny, because I thought I’d turned Adaptive Training off!).

That doesn’t sound like intended behaviour - I would raise it with support.

I did a Stretch VO2 workout yesterday, rated it as Hard, and nothing went down. I still have a Productive VO2 workout in the schedule tomorrow (which was rated Stretch before I completed the one yesterday).

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Muck around with where your ant+ adapter is placed, makes a huge difference, I wrote an article here which I was personally amazed at the difference!

Debunking ANT+ Myths and Experimenting with USB Stick Placement - Zwift Insider

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Thanks! That’s a really good article. Do you have any tips for Bluetooth dropouts on an iPad (newest generation iPad Air)? I run TR in my iPad often simultaneously with Zwift on. Mac or PC.

I don’t use Bluetooth much I’m afraid, I think it is more susceptible to interference than ant+ IMHO. Could it be that other devices are picking up/connecting over Bluetooth and hence the trainer is dropping one connection??

Thanks. I do not think my Rally XCs are paired to anything else via BLE. I do not think the Neo used to drop hs much but I have had BLE issues in the past with TR. Right now I think it’s the fact I’m in a hotel room with WiFi and devices everywhere and likely interference. I am still collecting files and overlaying them to see if I can narrow down the device. It seems like my Ant+ to my Garmin is good. Ant+ to my Mac is just as you described but tolerable. My Bluetooth to TrainerRoad has dropouts.

Quoting myself in another AT thread. For those seeing weird PL behavior:

From your Account, you can check your Adaptation History to make confirm, but the change in those workouts should be instantaneous on the web version of your calendar at the very least.


Are you referring to this in the ‘Known Issues’ section of the Adaptive Training thread?

That particular one has been resolved, so if you’re still experiencing it, I’d check in with to make sure something isn’t amiss.

This was on the team’s radar but not sure where we are currently. If there’s new information I’ll definitely provide an update!

EDIT: When you say completed a ‘Stretch’ workout, do you mean changed the workout assigned to a more or less difficult one? I may need you to get in touch with support for this so they can look into your calendar, what was assigned, completed, and how it effected the logic. Sorry for the trouble!

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Thanks Ivy! I don’t have the same options you do. Other than the “Enable Adaptive Training” toggle, my page is blank. I did accept some adaptations last week, so i should have some history…

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Notes from Nate, largely about outside workouts:


Thanks for cross-referencing Nate’s post in this thread @mcneese.chad


Has anyone had a problem with adaptations changing Outdoor workouts but not the Indoor version?

Ive reported a weird situation where Gibraltar -2 was down graded to Baxter, but when I decided to do it as an Indoor ride it changed back to Gibraltar -2.


Hey Ivy, sorry for the confusion - I just meant that if you moved a future workout in the calendar, it breaks the link with Plan Builder you will no longer see adaptations happen to that future workout. I know it was an issue, but I thought I saw something that it might be fixed and I didn’t want to give duff information…

I didn’t word my example very well - basically drag and dropping plan builder workouts means it’s treated like any other off-plan workout you would schedule and doesn’t get adapted.

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Same here, I don’t have the adaptation history. Sounds like Ivy’s a step ahead of us!

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Question for @IvyAudrain and team, does AT have a built in “hold” on adaptations when a Ramp Test is scheduled?

I’m in a rest week and would expect my workouts for next week to all adapt upwards. They haven’t yet, though I’m assuming they will when I get close/do Monday’s workout.