Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

The whole plan seems comically easy to be honest. I was hoping it would evolve to be something a little more challenging from the adaptive training, but apparently not.

Not going to lose sleep over it, as you say, will just adapt manually.


I just don’t get it. 2 day block, rest day to follow. TR used to sell itself on ‘time crunched’ during the week but then you’ve time at the weekend to get something decent in. Then they revert to this

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I feel like when it comes to VO2, I could almost always do 1 more interval if you had a gun to my head. I think my average VO2 session will be a 3. I couldn’t do another full set, but I could almost always do another 30-60 second interval if I put my mind to it.

Sweet Spot, on the other hand, where one interval is 8 or 12 minutes long, and I’m going to question whether I could have pulled off another full interval. I think my average SS will likely be a 4.

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I have been putting moderate for every workout. None have really been that taxing. I am worried it has something to do with power match between my 4iiii’s left arm and my saris h3. The h3 is 15-20 watts lower than my 4iiii’s lefty.

If you are always using the power meter with PowerMatch, there should be no issue with difference to the trainer.

However, if you mix and match, that may lead to issues.

I’ve switched and stayed there. Had a 20 point increase on the ftp but that is most likely just the switch to the crank. Although once both devices are warmed up there is a little variance. I used to track the trainer with my garmin and the crank with trainer road. After checking the difference I decided to just ignore the trainer and use the crank. This has actually turned out great as I have a lot of the summer off and have been traveling a fair bit on holidays. I’ve brought my rollers with me and theft the trainer at home. Much easier to setup and get a workout done. This week I may try outdoor workouts with the garmin edge 130 plus that just arrived yesterday.

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Not sure if this has been covered here or elsewhere, so apologies, but:

I just took a week off from training, which I gather is something that AT should account for. However! That week included four days of backpacking, with a cumulative TSS of around 1400 (according to TrainingPeaks). What I’m wondering is whether or not I should just get back into my regularly scheduled TR plan (with the adaptations it made for a week off), or if further re-jiggering is required since my off week wasn’t really “off” at all.

OR: is the point of AT that I just get back in the saddle, go for the scheduled work-outs, and if I fail, I fail, and AT will make adjustments?

While that is true, it may not be what you need/be the best long-term strategy if you just need a couple days to recover. AT may ultimately tell you something you already know: you’re tired, and doing a workout that you arent recovered for may dig a bigger hole for you than necessary.

If you’re not clear on how fresh or fatigued you’re feeling and you want to give that workout a shot, you definitely can, but maybe use Workout Alternates to shift to a shorter workout that hits the same systems (if possible, not all workouts have shorter alternates).


Gotcha – thanks!

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When should I expect to see adaptations? Been using AT for a few weeks, following a plan but “unstructured” outside rides @ weekend and so far only seen the no adaptations required although have failed on the threshold workout at the end of the week

Did you add your current training plan using Plan Builder?
That is a current requirement.

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Ah, no didn’t use plan builder this time round as didn’t have a target event. Missed that AT wants it loaded through plan builder, thought it was just you had to be on a plan. Thanks for the pointer.


Two questions about adaptations. Note I’m in the Garmin/outdoor structured workout world.

First, I have an adaptation pending for my next workout. AT wants to drop my Thunder SS 3.1 t Jordan SS 2.0 because it failed me on Mount Field SS 2.7 last week with the prev discussed hiccups outdoors. I’d like to keep the 3.1 workout or explore alternates to Thunder, but on the web I’m not seeing a way to do that without rejecting the proposed adaptations.

I also have a proposed adaptation next week taking Mono Threshold 2.4 to Kennedy 3.0. If I reject the change to Thunder it looks like I also reject the change to Mono – which I think is good to keep. How do I navigate that situation?

Also, is there a way to look at alternates for a working with a pending adaptation? Not seeing how to do that on the web.


Chad - out of curiosity, once both a pwoermeter (in my case RallyXC 200s) and training are paired to TrainerRoad (iPad BLE), it appears that the PowerMatch automatically recognizes this an sets itself to “New.” When I review the workouts, I see my Rallys were the power source. Does that all check?

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Yeah, that all sounds right to me. TR defaults to activating PowerMatch and the “new” option (when a power meter and controllable trainer are paired) unless someone alters that.

Confirming the Rally as the data source in the completed workout seems like good validation to me.

The only note to add is that if you experience power data dropouts from the power meter, TR will swap to the trainer power data. I don’t know what it will show in the completed workout if/when that happens and whether it is intermittent or sustained data dropped.

Not sure if this is the right spot for this. Did my first outside workout ever today and it looks like I failed it as there was no adaptation. Im running a garmin edge 130 plus and I have to use the built in workout screen. It was only my second ride using the 130. Pressed the button at the wrong times I think. Oh well. It looks like I hit all the marks but will try again. I was scared to try them but they are fricking awesome. Love outside workouts.

Thanks Chad!

Interesting you mention power drop outs. I am troubleshooting power dropouts on TrainerRoad. I am using the DC Analyzer Tool to see if its the TR connection or the pedals. It looks like its more on TrainerRoad than my Garmin Head Unit or Zwift (both connected via Ant+).

I’m still figuring out the overlaid data to be sure what I’m seeing. Sorry to get all into an OT discussion here. I have the power drop issue posted on teh Garmin Rally thread as well.


Had a strange behavior today from AT today.

My Day 1 is Sunday so I need to move my workouts back a day to accommodate this since you can’t set day 1 in plan builder. Finished Gold Hill with Moderate difficulty rating. Then went through the process of closing the TR application and launching it again to see if there are any adaptation which there weren’t

Checked in today (Tuesday) to complete my Monday run and there were now adaptations for my rides to be made. This seemed odd so I have not accepted them. I am going to complete my ride tonight and see if that fixes anything.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. It looks like the dreaded Sunday bug has infiltrated AT.

Congrats! I’m an outdoor workout fan too.

So, a few things to confirm:

  • Sounds like you have a TR workout marked outdoor and pushed to your Garmin
  • Are you using Plan Builder? That’s a requirement for adaptations
  • Did you complete a survey? Adaptations require a completed survey
  • Was it a struggle survey? If so, even if you mark it “did not struggle” TR will fail you and therefore no adaptations proposed
  • Do you see a difficulty level vs your current PL for that energy system, and does it show +0.0 or is there a positive number there? The 0.0 indicates no credit for the workout – AT hiccup still being worked.

Timing on when proposed adaptations seem to vary. If the other items seem ok, check again tomorrow and see if anything comes up.

@IvyAudrain It would great to be given feedback on outside workout execution, especially workouts that are given a fail mark. A layer on the power graph showing the target power would go a long way. This is really a learning process for me as well as the Machine :slight_smile: