Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

I don’t get it: what’s the point of using AT when the first thing you are doing is ignoring it? AT will re-up your progress levels if you can handle the easier workouts.


I do agree to a point but adaptive training seems to think I’ve been completely off the bike for a month but this is not the case. I.e. I don’t think it would be downgrading my future workouts if it took my outside unstructured rides into account.

I’m just planning on feeding it a bit more data before I start listening to it.

For instance I just did my planned threshold workout that was marked as “breakthrough” that was actually hard but manageable - now it’s stopped trying to adapt my future threshold workouts.

If I do the same for my upcoming “breakthrough” vo2 max and sweetspot workouts then I think I will be starting my adaptive training at a level more in line with my current status.

That’s my thinking anyway.


I’m curious: what makes you think AT lacks data? It is perfectly aware of your past indoor workouts and at least your structured workouts. You seem quite eager to override it without knowing how it actually works in the long run. I’d just test the system as-is right now for a block or two, and learn how to use the system as it was intended.

Since AT doesn’t grade your outdoor rides it can think you’re losing fitness. I had a month span of not doing structure from my Ironman. A ramp test fixed it right up though. Took the ramp test. Ftp went up and so did my levels

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That’s probably where I’ve messed it up then - I skipped the ramp test (because I’d just done one).

So all I’m doing is doing a week of un-adapted workouts first then I’ll let the AI do its thing. I don’t see how this would be different than if I had been enrolled onto the beta next week (or started my plan last week).

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Quick process question…I got my nod to AT last week, but I am only 5 weeks out from my A event (The Rift in Iceland), so I am not interested in upsetting the Apple cart at this time…and I am doing many of my rides outside now as well. (Which I believe are still unsupported in AT? Correct me if I am wrong)

So does my invite remain open until I decide to go to AT, or is it only good for a certain period of time and then it is rescinded? Any idea @IvyAudrain ?

Why not just sign up and then continue to do what you were doing? Then, after your event, start a new plan, do the Ramp test, and follow the AT recommendations.

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Fair point…I am mostly planning on riding outside, and with less structure, the rest of the summer as I don’t have any targeted events. Just looking to enjoy being back to riding with others as much as possible.


Manual toggle your ftp. Should do the trick

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Outdoor workouts are processed by AT.

4099 people on AT and still not me!! anyone else left checking Spam, Inbox daily for Trainerroad emails !!


With two caveats: only structured rides are processed, and of those which are processed the results are not yet consistent (both personal experience and still on TR’s outstanding issues list.

The analysis appears to be fairly rigid with many of my rides coming back as struggles despite not being so. Still not ready for primetime, IMHO. Hence still be a closed beta.

Same here. Still waiting.


Just to clarify…I am not necessarily doing outdoor workouts, but mostly high intensity group rides when outside.

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Turn it on and see if progression levels update. Believe you have a Wahoo, correct? Not sure if outside on Wahoo (upload via Strava) is working yet. On Garmin you must use TR outside workout. Custom workouts do not have outside variants, so those are not compatible yet. Outside structured workouts that TR sees as a struggle will not update progression levels. I did a short 1-hour tempo (Echo -3) and that was seen as a struggle and all my progression levels are still 1.0.

TR appears to be actively developing features on outside. Turn it on and feed them some data, even if it is all unstructured on Wahoo.


I got quite excited a few days back when I finally got “the” mail from TrainerRoad… Only to find out it read " Your subscription is renewing soon" :man_facepalming:


Yep, same here. Not quite the romantic TR anniversary I was hoping for.


This worked by the way - the AI is letting me train in peace now :+1:

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I’m on the wait list as well for the Beta but it’s no big deal to me if it takes awhile. I take it as a positive sign in that they must be drawing from a big (like vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big) user base who all want in.

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It is, TR-unstructured-on-Garmin is not yet live but a high priority.