Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

anyone from Brazil got added already? =[ no golden ticket for me yet

Yep, Im sure! :sweat_smile: A check for adaptations always takes place, and you’ll see a notification either that there are “No Adaptations Required”, or that there are ‘Adaptations Pending’ for you to click, check out, and either accept or not.

For you, since you’re not on Plan Builder, you’ll always see “No Adaptations Required” and never see a clickable ‘Adaptations Pending’ popup after that ‘check’ takes place.


This is correct, accounting for unstructured rides is a high priority for the development team! Hold tight.


No, still waiting here.


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Curious if someone who just got in can let us know when you submitted email requesting it. Would like to know how far down the queue I’m sitting! :grimacing:

Doesn’t work that way I’m afraid. I was a couple of hours after the announcement and I’m still waiting patiently. Not too worried as I was injured for a bit and I’m only moving outdoors next week - don’t have my new PM to take advantage of it yet.

4099 in currently, so ramping up pretty fast. I’ll be ready for it in 3 weeks time. Fingers crossed I’m in for then🤞.


@DavidWms I think I heard on last week’s podcast / forum post that they are now targeting specific use cases to test and that prior to that announcement that is was random. FWIW, I applied the day AT Beta was announced and got in Tuesday night.


People are saying if you have a Pioneer head unit talking to Velocomp Powerpod doing powermatch to an original computrainer you can get directly in.


LOL - too funny!! I read the DCRainMaker article last night and can’t believe Shimano botched the transition / shutdown of Cyclo-Sphere site so badly.


I wonder what criteria? Would it help if I asked @Nate_Pearson for his Venmo info? :rofl:

Did an outdoor workout this afternoon, got a “Checking for Adaptations” popup immediately followed by one with “No Adaptations Required” which I expected since the PL for endurance stayed the same plus I’m doing the Polarised Plan so not sure if adaptations would actually be applied anyway.

The workout was done just with a HRM, no PM on that bike, and the eTSS is about 50% above that worked out by

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Yeah, it sounds like they added some more transparency to when it is checking for things and when it thinks it should adapt or when it thinks it’s got you on the right track. I kinda like that it will provide those updates so you know when you’ve done something that’s given it an idea for the future.

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If I had to guess, they profile certain users eg uploads from Strava, unstructured outdoor rides, users of certain devices etc and target areas where they need more data to tease out problems. I imagine that indoor users using plans almost exclusively are not going to find bugs as easily.


It would be interesting to know how this accounts for different run types. Hill vs Track vs Trail

Got my entry in this week. Wow!
Fitness profile explains everything I’ve suspected about myself. I’m a VO2max monster with no ability at threshold. It’s adapted my plan with the Threshold workout levels lowered and some of the VO2max raised. Hopefully long term I can raise my Threshold and Sweet Spot levels.

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The profile is really only what workouts did you do lately or thats how I see it. My sweet spot has fallen as I dont do sweet spot workouts at this time of the year. The decay rate to me doesnt yet make sense.
Endurance is also low vs what I did and what I know are very easy rides for me. In my recovery week it was offering me a very low PL ride…well I picked a ride that was still just an easy spin and at 3.5 it was above my PL. I do VO2 workouts now with long rides outside and that is obvious from what the profile shows. My outside rides dont factor into any of the ratings.

I am mixed on this being a fitness profile at this point. It may get there as AT evolves and outside rides get factored in.


So they should all be let in by now as it’s already working for them :ok_hand:

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The team is still working through bugs on workouts pushed to Garmin and done outdoors not showing and PL progression – based on my experience last week and now again this week. Interestingly, my Mon and Wed outdoor workouts this week did provide PL increases, but now again today’s did not. Today I did use an alternate stretch threshold workout with a higher PL than in my plan target (3.0 vs 2.4 planned) as I completed a 2.4 Saturday that didn’t show anything when it uploaded and ran through AT.

On today’s 3.0 Threshold I believe I was within target range, but got the struggle survey. Indicated no struggle, rated the next survey very hard, but no increment in PL. My support team buddy:) has all the info.

Learned from support that the evaluation is binary – either you hit the workout or not. So all my hard work to blow out the top end of the target range on intervals apparently has no impact (that does seem different that the concept of a super pass discussed a while back. You will never get an increase in PL that takes you above the level of the workout you’re doing.

Others may know the info above, but I’m working to learn exactly how the process works.