Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

thank you @Nate_Pearson !

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Aye, bringing a subcategory / another number into the mix might make it a bit easier to understand what it’s doing at times.

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I look forwards to not poring through the developer tab in Chrome to try to work out how well I did. :relieved:


What is doing now is probably not based on more numbers. What I’m referring to is the future of machine learning. Adaptive training requires lots of data to train from. They can’t start out by looking at every single possible data point as that would look way too noisy and wouldn’t produce anything useful. But as they find certain trends they can expand what they are looking at.

@trainerroad @SeanHurley

What effect is shuffling forward my upcoming sessions going to have? As you can see there are a few days now before my next scheduled session. I guess you could say that if the plan wanted me to do something this weekend it would have scheduled accordingly.

Currently, moving the workouts on the calendar will remove them from consideration for adaptation in most cases, but their completion will still influence Adaptive Training’s recommendations for other upcoming planned workouts. Adding more flexibility in this regard is something our team is actively working on improving.


Thanks, I’ll do something else then, probably drink beer or something similar.


How do we get notified if we’re approved for AT use again?

You will get an email with specific instructions on how to set up your TR account with AT access.


Crickey, I am often shuffling sessions around as I fit my LV sessions into a wider set of training workouts and around the weather or races. I am sure many others do the same.

So does this mean that once a plan is adopted and the days are chosen at the start, then the AT system only adpts those that were in the original schedule? Is that Correct? So say moving a week or anything else stops AT creating adaptions…

Does this mean, @SeanHurley that we would need to do something specific to trigger options once a workout is moved even once? or are we stuffed and no adaptions once anything moved - even adding a week or shuffling everything forward a day?

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It’s a little complicated, but at the moment, changing the schedule of workouts from the training block’s annotation menu on the calendar should keep them on AT’s radar, but moving individual workouts around moves them out of consideration for adaptations. This is a high priority for a fix and isn’t the intended final behavior.


I’m glad I asked now.


Does this (currently) include using the “Push Week” calendar function?

Yeah. The pushed workouts won’t get adapted, but will still affect your progression levels and adaptations suggested for non-pushed workouts.

Would that mean every workout for every week from that point out or just the 1 week? Cause that would sortof mean the push week button needs to be hands off till this functionality is ready.

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No idea if this “hack” would work, but maybe using the Annotation for SIckness or Injury, blocking a week or whatever timeframe you need to have open, would work within the Plan Builder world and not “break” the associations?

I haven’t tried to apply one of those breaks, but presumably it will trigger a PB update in a similar (but opposite way) that we get when we add or remove an event from the calendar (where PB sees this and adjust appropriately).

Can I check.

  1. For AT adaptations to work, do workouts have to come from

a) A Training plan? (Not chosen by the plan builder, but by me)
b) Specifically the plan builder?
and only these. Is that correct

  1. I must admit I don’t get this “Adaptions don’t work if a workout is moved” thing. If I am at a certain point in a training plan and I move a workout, surely my fitness and capability to tackle any progression levels and everything else have not changed. I am simply changing a date, probably by a small amount. Whether I do that session on Wed or Thursday should not make a significant difference to my capability to do it. Should it?

  2. if this is the case I might as well choose sessions myself using the progression levels of the various workouts and work from there.

I know AT is in beta, and i don’t have access to it, but I thought I understandood or at least had a sense of how it would work. …and how I would use it. I am less sure now.

Temporarily, it’s only Plan Builder plans getting adapted. Moving a workout currently removes it from consideration for adaptation, but this is a bug- it has nothing to do with your fitness and is not intended behavior. It’s something we’re working on right now, and all plans (from Plan Builder or chosen individually) will work with AT by the time it’s available to all athletes beyond the beta, as will the ability to move workouts around as needed.


I think it is important to note that a lot of the limitations you’re describing are likely why AT is still in beta and will (hopefully) not be considerations when it goes live. The current implementation is very narrow and it is, in my opinion, too easy to fall outside of the areas where it will modify your workouts based on your performance.

As @SeanHurley has noted, they will need to minimally support AT for all TR plans, regardless of how they are put on a calendar, and deal with modifications to these plans while still keeping them within AT

Ideally they would also support custom built plans within AT - although I think that might not be strictly required for a prod release


Handling modifications is probably the most important aspect for me. I often move sessions around to fit around other things in my life / how I’m feeling that day.