Adaptive Program vs TrainNow

Hi there guys,

Ive been trying out Plan Builder/Adaptive training for a while now, and more than a few times my planbuilder have me doing a workout thats just “Achieveable” whereas trainnow recommend an endurance ride as productive. What to do in this case?

And is has me wondering if Adaptive Training are picking the right workouts for me?

And btw… Does anyone know where Nate is? Havent seen him on podcast or strava for a long while! Just curious

If you are on a training plan, you will have easier and harder days on purpose. This is to give you time to recover and to maximize adherence to your training plan.

TrainNow on the other hand only looks at your recent past, but with no overarching plan and structure for the future.

So if you want to get stronger, the best way is to follow a structured plan. But if that type of commitment is not possible or you want to learn more before committing, TrainNow is a good option, too.

  • Jon mentioned him on last weeks podcast. He is recovering from his concussion at Cape Epic.