Adaptive PLs and IRL/Outside Rides

hmm, I’m not currently following a plan but rather using Train Now. It seems that i am getting credit towards my PLs.
With that being said am i still getting the full benefit of AT using just Train Now?
Meaning is it adjusting my Train Now workouts based on past performances?

If you get a small popup at the bottom of the window of either the app or the calendar with “Checking for adaptations” followed by either “Adaptations pending” or “No adaptations” then AT is doing its thing. If you get adaptations then, providing you haven’t chosen the “automatically apply adaptations” option you’ll get a dialog showing what will be changed.

I was only getting the “Adaptations pending” message when I was following a plan. But I thought I remember one of the trainer road people saying on a a podcast that Train Now still uses the whole machine learning process/AT.

So are “my” TrainNow workout recommendations being “Adapted” automatically for me based on my previous TrainNow efforts??

If they are not, then why am I getting the Survey questions?

Any workout you complete inside the TR environment is going to impact your PLs one way or another. TrainNow is looking at your PLs and recent training history when it recommends workouts, so you ARE benefitting…BUT AT is meant to adapt a plan based on your recent performance, so obviously with no plan to follow (and adapt) you’re only getting partial benefit really.

The literal HIGHEST priority for the development team! Thanks for your patience, we’re actively working on it. :+1:


@IvyAudrain - AWESOME! Thank you. Great work, team!!

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