Adapting to TT position

Does anyone have any “secret” exercises, stretches or mobility work that can help adapt the shoulders to the TT position. As an old weightlifter I have tight shoulders and have always had a hard time getting them to loosen up.
I just got a 2nd hand Argon 18 E112. I’ve had it all cleaned up and fitted to me so now it’s just a matter of getting used to the position. I did 48km today on it and was down for the majority of the ride. I was doing an outdoor version of the workout Tallac +2. I got up during the rest periods and the last interval was pretty messy due to fatigue.
Overall I was happy for how long I stayed down. Before the fit I could only manage about 3km max before having to get up. Bikefitter sorted all that out for me but I still have tightness across the shoulder blades, which I’ve had all my life. I’m 51.

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Planks, shoulder shrugs (linear and orbital) and time on the bars are my exercises.

Yoga is great for increasing flexibility for your TT positions. Folds and twists are part of most routines, and you’ll also get a lot of core work depending on the routine. It’s also great for recovery so you benefit your TT position/cycling in more ways than one.