Adaptations Pending - duration vs speed

I’m currently in the first block of specialty which is predominantly ‘Threshold’. Although like many threshold is the hardest aspect of training for me, I’m getting through them with normally only the last interval being hard, which has often led to adaptations rising. I’ve actually wondered about grading such workouts as medium, as most isn’t hard, but that often leads to large incremental increases, too large!

However, these adaptations are now nearly always an increase in duration. But, I am preparing for short TT. Hence, am thinking that increasing intensity is possibly a better adaptation, eg, under/overs.

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Can one be selective during the adaptation preview process, ie, select individual adaptations, or is it all or nothing?
Secondly, I know I could do some manual adaptations, by deleting the current workout and replacing it another of my choice. But will this still achieve the training goal if I base it on say the same Threshold TSS/IF?
Related the previous question, will it stuff up the AI aspect of the Adaptive training altogether, or will it subsequently work with me?

Don’t delete the workouts but rather choose a more difficult Alternate where you see fit. This will keep PB, and your PLs adjusting appropriately. I have done this routinely in my training with AT.

  1. Adaptations are all or nothing. No options to be selective.

  2. Use the following tool as mentioned above.

What is PB and PLs?

PB = Plan Builder

PLs = Progression Levels


Go ahead and accept the adaptation. You can always swap the new workout with a shorter, more intense workout at the same progression level.

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