Adam Hansen at it again, homemade tri bike!

After leaving the pro peloton after completing a million and 3 grand tours (very slight exaggeration) Adam Hansen said he was going to tri Iron Man.

Now the man who made his own shoes and wrote the logistics program to move World Team about wouldn’t settle for something “normal” would he? I was expecting something with an extreme/unique position and maybe home designed bars, cranks or similar. I guess you could say he’s done that, it’s a whole integrated mental looking bike:

Looks mad, and has some really neat sounding touches like floating big ring for ideal chain line. Be really interesting to see how it progresses. I’d love to try and build something, anything for my bikes but it seams quite a steep learning curve!


This dude is such a genius. If anyone can pull off designing and building such a radical new bike design, it’s Adam Hansen.
Also, the bike looks like what Batman would use, if he did triathlons.

What can happen when there is no uci.