Accounting for custom durations during recovery weeks

It doesn’t look like TR is taking customized workout duration for a plan into account for the recovery week workouts.

I’m in Base II of the Master mid-volume plans currently and have increased duration for 1 of my intensity days and most of my Z2 days such that I’m getting a total of around 10-11 hrs/wk. Looking at my upcoming recovery week, I appear to have the same plan as the default Masters Base II. I assume it would make sense for me adjust durations during Recovery week at least somewhat. Any thoughts on how to adjust the default recovery week?

I customize recovery weeks a bit. I look at the previous week’s TSS (assuming I was compliant that week) and then shoot for a recovery week of 50-60% or so of that previous week’s TSS.

If workout alternates don’t give me the option to pick workouts of a little longer duration or TSS, I just go to “workouts” and select from there, then delete the previously scheduled workout. Obviously be careful though, it’s still about recovery.

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Hey @scarrith,

We cap the duration of prescribed “Recovery” workouts at 90 minutes. If you set your custom durations lower than 90 minutes, we’ll respect that during recovery weeks.

On the other hand, if your caps are higher than 90 minutes, and you want your recovery workouts to be longer than the prescribed 90 minutes, you’ll have to use Workout Alternates to find workouts that are the duration you’re looking for.