Accept FTP increase if sick?

Hi There,

I am coming off the end of Base 1 for a LVSS plan. The last couple of days before Base 2 started I’ve gotten a cold (low grade fever and mainly sinus – negative covid antigen test). I am hoping I will kick this in a couple of days - but in the meantime AI FPTD put my FTP up another 5 watts. Is it better to accept this and then maybe replace some of the initial workouts with easier (or decreased % ftp) ones for a period of time? Should I keep my current FTP for the next block and adjust similarly? Or should I just forget the planned workouts for a bit and do TrainNow and light workouts until I am 100%?

Thanks for any advice.


I would accept it and let adaptive training do its thing if it becomes an issue.

I would accept it, and not take the ftp bump into consideration at all in deciding what to do. The program’s already going to scale down levels given the new threshold. Scaling it down yourself again to account for the higher ftp is just doubling that for no reason.

I pretty much always train through colds and whatnot, but I don’t think I would train through a fever. If I feel lousy enough an hour-long sweet spot workout needs to be turned down, I think that means rest is what’s needed, not struggling through a tempo workout that feels like threshold.

I wouldn’t train through a fever. You can accept the increase as others said, then you have an option to place a few days off in the calendar, just mark them as being sick. This will shift your training plan by those days and if at some point you start feeling better then pick and endurance workout from train now to gauge how you feel.

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