AACC Episode 380 released, but forum topic MIA?

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@Jonathan I might listen to this part again to see if I understand it better, but how do you do the black beans you mentioned, sounded good.

Yeah, our wires got crossed there in live conversation.

I’ve noticed my son will eat the beans if they are more easily mashed into a texture like refried beans, so I cook them instead of just opening the can and pouring them onto the plate.

I typically pour the can into a sauce pan or small pot and cook them with about a teaspoon of Cholula red and a dash of lime juice. I start lid on for a few minutes, then go lid off and let them lose some of the moisture. Changes the texture a bit and allows them to stand on their own, or be easily “mashed” for little ones :slight_smile:


Any chance to flip the script sometime in the future and instead of “time crunched” talk about “time not restricted”?

I feel there is plenty of focus on time crunched, but not enough emphasis on better training modalities where time is not a limiter.

Also be interested in data analysis of the Polarized plans and how athletes who have chosen those plans have done. Apologies if that’s been discussed and I missed it.

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I would love a deep dive like that, I’m coming into a scenario that will allow me to no longer be ‘time crunched’ in my training!


@Nate_Pearson you’re jacked now, what’s your current gym routine?

This was an amazing episode, all the discussions going off topic, going deep on what you two obsess about, talking about race prep of @Jonathan again… loved it! Like in the old days!

Same here, I have more time off lately. So do I skip one workout and do a couple long 3+ hour rides? Or do I extend the planned rides little by little with endurance?