A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]

I had a hip replacement almost 2 years ago, with 3d printed parts. They were ‘made to order’ roughly, and then finished before being shipped to the surgeon. This particular joint is really popular and seems to be quite durable. I was surprised that 3d printing had progressed that far. Sure, if I live long enough, it will need to be revised, but 3d printed parts, wow…

The whole process was fascinating…

EDIT: Forgot to say they were titanium printed parts.

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I downloaded the APP to my iPad and was able to accept the Terms and Conditions on there. All good to go. Today should be my first ride on them.

Those that are using crank arm boots, I’m assuming it doesn’t interfere with the power reading?

I haven’t had an issue that I can tell.

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I did the Xpedo CXR conversion:
Assioma spindle
Xpedo o-ring (just the rubber part that can be separated from the washer on the Xpedo spindle)
Xpedo pedal body
Xpedo nut
Xpedo dust cap

It works great and I compared it to a Stages crank arm. Numbers seem about 2% lower than Stages overall. I find stages a bit higher also compared to my road pedals (Assiomas also).

The Q-factor is about 2-3 mm different from the right pedal. Did anybody solve that?

Also, I’m curious if this is enough to protect the inner bearing from dust/water etc. it seems like the inner cup of the inner bearing presses against the plastic part of the Assioma spindle.

I’m just chiming in to say that my Assioma Converted M-520’s were dead on accurate compared with my Kickr. It was my first ride on the trainer in 3 months and my first opportunity to compare. Awesome.

Question RE: the Duo-Shi’s (with Ultegra or 105 pedal bodies):

Do these suffer the same “endless free spin” issue as the Look version or do they behave more like a Shimano pedal does (these are weighted very nicely and are always in the right position to clip in).

just converted my single sided M force 8 pedals to larger xpedo Baldwin:

took a while to find all the compatible pedals that you can convert on here. So here is list after scanning this topic:
xpedo M Force 8
xpedo baldwin
xpedo cxr
xpedo m force 4
bontrager comp spd
wellgo m19
ISSI flash iii

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I used Baldwins and then switched to MForce8. The Baldwins keept breaking. The platform is plastic and I’d regularly rip the cleat out. I thought I’d got a bad set with the first pedals and then went through a second pair before moving on.

Be wary and I hope you have better luck than I did.

hmmm weird that your body was plastic?!

my Baldwin is alum frame/body. you had me confused so i took a knife and file to my black frame body to check…

see disc: BALDWIN – XPEDO

these baldwins clips in/out feels better than my M-force-8.

i still prefer my shimano xt/520 pedals better but this is not a shi

NOTE: favero has the single left shi for $305+s/h =$330(ish) shipped (2023.09)

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Is the duo shi spindle as sold the same as the regular spindle and the duo shi adapter set combined? Can the duo shi adapter just be removed and you have the regular road spindle?

I’ve thought of getting a second spindle, then keep one in spd configuration and one in road config. Just wondering if there is any point to buy the regular road spindle vs getting the duo shi spindle.

Hi ! Thank you for all people in the thread providing valuable information on how to mod the Assioma Uno.
I’am happy to report i’am successfully use Wellgo M19 SPD pedal. The pedal cost arround 35USD on ali, so really cheap compare to other alternative.

note : i’am aware the pedal is not in correct orientationh

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Is the left Shi sensor the same as the original Favero road pedal where the left hand pedal is capable of working as a single pedal PRM? I ask as they do not (to my knowledge) sell the Shi option as anything apart from a pair of pedal based PRM’s rather than both a single and double sided PRM option as they do with the road version. Hoping I am wrong but I believe the link you have put up is for a replacement spindle that will require pairing with a RHS spindle to produce accurate power numbers.

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Alright friends of all sorts on this thread.

I have switched back to XTR pedals because I cannot stand the locking interface of the Xpedo M-Force 8.

I really would like to run the power meters on the bike but its insane how I cant get in and out of the M-force as easily as the XTR (and yes I am using Xpedo Cleats, we just dont jive).

Does anyone know of a compatible body that is as close as possible to the shimano feel?

Bontrager just dropped these gems

I wonder if they will work or not as the body looks similar and the cleat looks exactly like shimano.

The Shimano PD-520 is a direct replacement for the Duo Shi pedal body and while slightly heavier than the XTR, feels identical. It took minutes to do the swap over.

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I appreciate that, unfortunately I do not have the SHI version of the pedals.


from my understanding and tests/use with my pedals: it’s the left pedal that links to output data, all right-pedals link to left first then data goes out the left-pedal. i notice i can link and unlink my pedals in the app and when the left doesnt see the right it knows to 2x power readings for ant+/bluetooth blah blah blah

Great sounds as if they are the same as the original / Keo type Assimovas thanks for the clarification.

Does anybody have any experience on any of these that are QUIET? I did the hack about 2 years with Xpedo CXR and I like them but they are LOUD. I have an issue with a lot of squeaky noise (specially indoor since i can hear them more).

Is it worth jumping to the M Force 8? is that better?