A Time Trialing Thread

Yeah, new Colnago looks fast;



That bike is disgusting

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OK, leaving the aesthetics of the bike aside (as noted, it looks like they just updated the old Mike Burrows design with a fancy fork), the bigger issue is…

HOW DOES ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST TRIATHLETES HAVE THAT POSITION?!?!?!?!?!? Seriously, that looks like a TT position you would get on a road bike.


True… his position looks like that of a typical mid pack age grouper. Although maybe it’s to keep the running muscle fresh? He can knock out a sub 2:30 marathon after 100+ miles on the bike.

Another consideration is that this bike is being used for his sub 7 attempt. In that case, he will have a freight train of riders in front of him doing all the work.


I wonder how depending the aero of that Colnago is on the box insert. The insert connects the horizontal line of the frame, removing it results in big squares hitting the wind.

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Black Inc has released (can be pre ordered) this new disc wheel.
What I really like is the width (21 internal, 31 external).
What I am pretty unsure about is the relatively high weight (1188g), the non specific hubs (custom Ceramic Speed internals), the fact that it is a spoked wheel (which isn’t slower, just less cool), the fact that they claim world‘s fastest wheel and back it up with nothing (not uncommon in this industry), and this weird crocodile leather like texture, that they don’t even specify what the point is.

Really hoping ENVE is gonna release a banger this year :eyes:

Is that really texture, or just paint?

My mom has the same bike!


Neither. It’s the fiber structure. Looks like UD with some wrinkles.

@Aeroiseverything I read it as “there are no spokes”. It’s just like the citec or Bora discs. A rim (in this case without spokeholes) bonded to the two outer carbon walls.

I am not really an expert here, but it has no spoke holes and is „pretensioned“. Neither of the two confirm for me, that there are no spokes, but I might have misunderstood that.

Hmm, looks like the box is UCI legal looking at today’s Giro stage.

So Giant had a pretty good day today….they win the IM Worlds with their new Tri bike and Yates wins the Giro TT with the Trinity.

Not too shabby for building street cred.

Alex Dowsett speaks of it in an IG video. There are no spokes.


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Yeah, you are correct.
So they are using a shallow standard ring that is held up by two structural side panels?
Should definitely do the whomp. The width looks great. Still unsure about this texture and not a huge fan of the weight.
Looking forward to Cadex and ENVE releases.
As of now, the 321 still looks like the best choice for me.

Yes, just a rim bonded to the side panels which are acting as a replacement for the spokes.
The texture is just the fibers under the resin. The surface is smooth.

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Anyone here has any experience with the Rule28 Aero Base Layer? Or any other companies product that has the same effect?
Aero Base Layer | Rule 28

Speaking of the Aero base layer of R28, is it possible that Yates was rocking that during the Giro TT?

Looks like it’s a Vorteq suit.


£2750 is the most expensive bit of equipment ever used?
Don’t there overshoes cost the same already?
Pretty sure that got that wrong.

What I am still wondering is what they are using. AFAIK, these shapes would be prohibited by the UCI, if they were part of the suit. It just looks exactly like the Rule28 undershirt so much.

I’d assumed it was something similar, given the rules. Vorteq has had that texture since well before Rule28 released their base layer. Ashton Lambie wore their suit when he broke the 4km IP record last year…and the photos with his skinsuit half on don’t appear to have anything under though.

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