A Time Trialing Thread

As usual, excellent points by @DarthShivious…easy to hold a good position while “posing” but when the hammer is down (or you are in the middle of an IM leg) are you still holding that same position?

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I’ve managed to reach a position which I’m going to hold on to, so thanks everyone for the input on my previous posts.
Last event, finished 6th, less than a minute off the winner in a 10m TT, so it feels like I’m doing something right.
I’m gonna keep working on my form, discovering new courses, attempt PBs and hopefully be in a position to upgrade the frame next season.


Not that you asked, but looking at the picture:-
There looks like a few wrinkles above your ankle in the aero socks… could you pull them up more & save a fraction of a Watt.
Have you tried stacking your hands on top of each other for at least the straight flat bits it presents a slightly smaller profile to the first contact point with the wind.
Pin your number slightly lower down, there is a small lip for the air to grab & slow you down in the picture (or get a nopinz pocket fitted).
Otherwise looking good.

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No worries, fair comments and appreciated!
I’ve been more worried with the bigger picture recently but it is definitely time to look at the small detail too.
I’ll try to get the aero sleeve sorted.
I’m practising in training the stacked hands, but since I’ve not really ridden much on the tt bike I still feel safer just holding onto extensions firmly. Confidence will surely come with time.
Fair comment on the number. I plan to have the nopinz pocket fitted to the skinsuit once I have a break from events which happen to be every weekend till at least end of May.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Anyone still running tubulars (sew-ups)? I know tubeless is the way to go, but a few of us here are still running HED Stinger Disk + Stinger 9 race day wheels. This stuff is too expensive to replace just to save a few watts and frankly, for the amateur racer is just fine.

For a while, the Bontrager tubulars were the best choice. Then those went away and we mostly switched to Zipp Tangente SL Speed tires. It looks like those have gone away.

Given that tubulars are an endangered species, seems like for TT racing the current best pick would be the Vittoria Corsa Speed G2.0 I have a feeling these are the same casing as the Zipp but with Vittoria’s latest rubber.

I also run Conti TT Grand Prix tubulars on a hill climb bike. But they tend to be a bit narrow and don’t sit as well on the Stingers.

So for guys running tubulars - any other suggestions and have I missed any new tires worth taking a look at?

In much the same boat, current Corima disc wheel is for tubs. Too expensive to replace with a tubless disc wheel. I run a tubless HED on the front.

I’ve run a Vittoria Corsa Speed on that wheel (same but TLR version on the front) for two seasons now without problems, open events and local evening league TT’s on typical bad UK roads., it’s been good and reliable.

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Finally got a decent picture of the latest position in the wild with TT season getting underway. Good to see that it isn’t too far off the position on the turbo but need to work on keeping the head tucked.

Any feedback on position welcome!


If you rotate your hips forward, and then lower your front end, you’d have a fantastic position. You have good angles all around, but you are sitting more on your sit bones. Rotate forward, lower the front and you’ll be killing it.

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I do NOT think Tubulars are a dying breed. However I have swapped from narrow tubs to wider clinchers ()that happen to be tubeless) simply because of the roads I TT on and to give my undercarriage some TLC. The ride is definitely smoother.

I used Podium TTs, front last three years: found them pretty good. However on the rear I stripped tread when braking once and was disappointed. so for longer TTs I used Conti comps. I was going to swap to Vittoruia corsa speeds and corsa (front/rear) before I went tubeless. There was an Aerocoach Instagram post out yesterday that suggests a well glued tub (not taped on) in Corsa speed form is as fast as any tubeless.

Choice of Tub tyre much depends on

  1. your tolerance for puncture risk vs absolute speed
  2. length of race 10mTT vs 100 or 12hr
  3. How much you are willing to carry as a spares vs walking home down a DC.

Note Butyl tubs (conti) can take their sealant which is very good (I hammered a 2" brad nail into mine as a test and it sealed after two rotations). Latex (vittoria) do not recommend a sealant, but using their pitstop in the evbent of a puncture. (Which is a pain to try and fit into the valve gap of a rear disc.)

My 2-penneth.

Much appreciated. For some reason I always seem to fall back into tensing my mid/upper back and ending up hunched up. Had a play around tonight; took the 20mm spacer out and tried to work on flattening the back and rotating the hips. Surprised at the difference side by side, some work to do to see how sustainable it is but it doesn’t feel much different.

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