A Special Message from Coach Jonathan - Ask a Cycling Coach 374

Coach Jonathan’s having a baby, so we’re off this week and the rest of the podcast crew will be hosting for the next month. Keep sharing the podcast with your friends, rating the podcast, and submitting your questions at Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast - TrainerRoad, and we’ll see you next week with Coach Chad as our host!

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Exciting! Best wishes to Jon and the family!


Best of luck coach!

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:slight_smile: finally! Good luck and all the best for the growing family!

Congrats on welcoming another :angel: to the family!

Jonathan, your life will now change forever and for the better :heart:. Hope everything is fine with the little one and the mother.
Best wishes for the tree of you.

OUCH. But good luck anyway. :wink:


Baby Lee stats…(guessing)

  • 16”
  • 7’ 14”
  • FTP: 0w (but on the SSMV plan…rapid increase is expected)


Congrats to the growing Lee family…best wishes for all.


Congratulation to your whole family, @Jonathan :tada:

Are we estimating FTP at sea level or altitude?? Best wishes, Coach and Family!


Are you a dad (for the second time) yet?!? I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my toes curled for a smooth delivery.

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Congrats! I just submitted a terrible question where what I really wanted to say was congrats.
Welcome to your new baby!

In case anyone hasn’t seen it, Mrs. Lee gave birth and Coach Jonathan has posted a pic on Instagram. Congratulations to the whole family!


Congrats coach @Jonathan and family!

FTP now 200w


After a recent AACC episode prepping for Tahoo race with Ivy, I’m curious if coach Jonathan will decide to bring to the crib:

  • 1 bottle of formula
  • 1.5 bottle of formula
  • 2 bottles of formula
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