A race postponed a month, change plans?

Not really my “A” race, but just happened to be the race I was peaking for so was going to make it my A race (120km road race). Finished SS base, General Build, and halfway through rolling road race all mid-volume with 4 weeks to completion to said “A” race, and just found out they pushed back the date by a month. There’s a 40k TT the day before I was thinking of signing up for in lieu of this race, so am I better off switching to 40k TT now with 4 weeks to go, or should I just finish off rolling road race?

Work out whether the 120km road race or the TT is your top priority, and let that guide your choice of specialty plan.

You might also find the TR article on Peaking for Multiple A Races of interest. https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005942586-Peaking-for-Multiple-A-Races