Training Dilemma - Priority A Race 2 weeks later than anticipated

So I have messed up. The race calendar for an event was shifted back two weeks and I didn’t cotton on early enough so my perfectly scheduled 40KM TT plan now has an extra two weeks to spare.

Right now, I am in week 4 of the Mid-Vol TT Plan which is rest week. Following this, I now have 6 weeks to fill instead of 4.

What is the best course of action for this type of thing?

Repeat a couple of TT plan weeks or should I use the plan builder? - which incidentally gave me a condensed base, build, sustained and TT plan

As a side note, I was thinking of doing the State Masters Criterium Champs (B event) the week before the TT which was never in my original plan. Is this a good idea or do you think I could cook the legs up?