8DC training camp

Unfortunately, due to work getting in the way, ive not been able to train much at all since around April. That has to change as I am putting together a Land’s End to John O’Groats attempt next summer and hope to be the strongest rider.

In order to get some mileage in my legs ahead of starting SSB MVI on 07 Jan I was going to attempt my first #Festive500; however, the more I consider how much time that is going to take me away from my family (I work away from home Mon-Fri so holiday periods are precious family time) the less of a good idea it seems.

I’m now thinking of using the eights days to try one of the TR 8DC events, far less TSS (and time) meaning I’ll probably be in a better place to enjoy the festivities.

Has anyone else ever attempted an 8DC and have tips for a first-timer? What about adaptations, I’m not expecting much but figure it could be a good pre-season ‘training camp’ type of affair. Any and all input welcome, particularly from the gurus @Chad, @Nate_Pearson, @Jonathan

I certainly did 8DC for a couple of years but I seem to recall it was in May. Training wise December might not be an ideal time to push a large workload through. However any solid block of work will do you good providing you are rested beforehand, eat and rest well throughout and rest afterwards.

In many ways doing a set of workouts like that is easier to do than setting your own individual workouts or overall challenges.

I used to do the Tour of Sufferlandia in February (and still do) and then look forward to 8DC in May.

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