Fueling Short Workouts, Bike Choices, Spring Classics and More with Cannondale Pro Amber Pierce – Ask a Cycling Coach 237

Special guest Amber Pierce joins the team to talk about fueling for short workouts, the pros and cons of a CX bike vs a road bike, pro tips for big one-day races and more in Episode 237 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Topics covered in this episode:

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Just a reminder, many of us want to hear about the incorporation of the Fisher-Price trainer.


#TeamAmber yay!


Great podcast today.

ROAR is a great book. All the ladies here need to read it and/or follow her IG feed. Here’s her TED talk for anyone interested. Stacy Sims: Women are Not Small Men: a paradigm shift in the science of nutrition | TED Talk


Hey does Nate seem kind of tall to anybody else?


Yay! Amber’s back! TR should make her a full-time host. Some of the most helpful cycling tips I’ve gotten have come from Amber.


She’s going to be on when ever she can make it to Reno. She’s now the 4th host!

  • Sorry, Pete… you’re #5 now :stuck_out_tongue:

@Nate_Pearson, I’m a fellow giant (6’8", 205 lbs), any recommendations for clip on aero bars for us long levered guys? I’m doing an omnium next year, and I lack a TT bike in my fleet.

Hey, what was the name of the person Jonathan suggested as a good IG follow for PT exercises? I thought it would be in the show notes but don’t see it.

Also, yay Amber!

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Enve makes really long aero bars that you cut to your desired length.

The only annoying thing is that they diameter is smaller further out on the bar so it’s hard to mount a Garmin with a standard k-edge type mount.

Courtney McFadden?

Great podcast! Loads of information in there. :+1:
I know Amber/Cannondale are in cahoots. I still liked the chat about bikes and would like it if Jonathan could further expand on this subject.
Bike nerd alert…

All the best for the holidays TR crew.

PS. Lift your hair game Amber! Don’t let the boys fool you into that trap. ( Chad did a Bruce Willis on them).
Really liking your take on things.

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I am SO excited to have Amber join the team!! After her first podcast at TR, I read ROAR and it completely changed my training. I can’t wait to see what product tools she brings (esp for training around menstrual cycles)- and her female perspective during podcasts. TR is the best :clap:t2::clap:t2:


Are y’all gonna share that Spotify workout playlist? :grin:


great to have amber back!

I’m really looking forward to have the “week off/vacation” feature for plan builder! :pray:


Ouch! :rofl:

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@Nate_Pearson care to share your Spotify playlist?