TrainerRoad are Hard Taskmasters!

TrainerRoad don’t give you anything for free that’s for sure. You gotta work hard for your rewards and I’m obviously not working hard enough.

I’ve just completed a 601km (373miles) audax event in the mountains of Wales (in storm Ellen) in 30 hours.

TrainerRoad has awarded me a TSS of 129!

Thanks guys. I’ll get back on the turbo :sweat_smile:


4TSS/h. That’s tough ;). Are you sure your ride power was recorded correct? Did you use a power meter and if so, what was your average power.

Btw congrats. That is a great achievement. See you on the road somewhere between Paris and Brest in 2023 :wink:

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Nope! No PBB. I’m binning my bike. I hate cycling.:wink:.

I estimated my effort as ‘smooth’ but I think as discussed elsewhere TR will not accept that there are idiots on bicycles out there who ride for longer than necessary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Think it can’t handle rides over 24 hours. It probably thought 30 is 3.0…

Congrats, hope you get to sleep now!

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I use the “estimate tss” tool for my commutes. But ive ridden my commute enough with a power meter to know what TSS i can expect. I find TR to over estimate TSS based on my RPE

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I know. In fact I don’t feel deserving of any TSS score. It was such a pleasure to put myself through so much suffering, I should give TR some sort of rating :smiling_imp:


Nice work :muscle:t2:
Which part of Wales?
I grew up in Snowdonia and there are some beautiful but equally brutal climbs around there.

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TrainerRoad gets TSS calcs wrong for estimating TSS for rides above a certain duration when you enter them in the calendar ahead of time. I’d have thought they’d have fixed this since @Jonathan did his everesting which we hear so much about. :fire:

I uploaded PBP last year to Strava and it was stuck in limbo for weeks until they fixed it. No segments calculated and TR can’t cope either, won’t show me any power PRs beyond the first 17h. First PBP where I managed to have power data reliably recorded, and no-one can cope. :hot_face:


I really wanted to loop through the Elan Valley and then cut up to Wrexham before heading home.

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I’m not sure I can cope after that! I’m seriously wondering how I can do anything over 600km. My doms are real bad.

Blimey! :muscle:t2:

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I DNFed my first attempt at 600km. You’ve probably got relatively few outdoor miles in your legs at present, and the weather has been awful. I think you deserve a hat.

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Yes,I have seen this before, and TR doesn’t seem to recognise long steady miles as high TSS.
I wouldn’t bother with the TSS side. Anyone who can ride what you have deserves kudos. Some of the climbs are killers, so I guess much of it would have been high effort. If I took much notice of TSS, I would just end up doing lots of junk miles to bump it up.
I think it is best if you are a diesel to use TR for quality workouts and enjoy the outdoor rides without worrying about the training effect.

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Whaaaaaaat? TR assigns me about 30 TSS per hour in Z1 for manual workouts - there’s gotta be something weird going on here…

So I just tried to create a planned workout of 24h at intensity = 4 (moderate).

I got TSS = 323. If I put 1 hour at the same intensity I get 49.

It keeps increasing until about 15-16h then starts dropping/going a bit random. I assume their intensity calculation is trying to adjust for duration i.e. race pace for 24h is not IF = 1. They might be assuming an IF of 0.5 max at 24h duration, I’m not sure.

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Only ~ 1100 TSS under at an IF of 0.65, lol. Jesus look at the estimated KJs.


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:rofl:These are brilliant.