4iiii precision battery cap / o-ring replacement

Hi all,

I just noticed that the white o-ring sealing the battery cap (precision gen2(?)) is broken.

I am unable to find a replacement available (EU) - only the full cap which is kinda expensive (10+€). Any hint /ideas where to find or an alternate which also fits?

Thanks and cheers!

For another device I found generic o rings on line for a much more reasonable price. Without Vernier Callipers to measure things up its a bit tricky to find the right size :-/

No ideas, but have the same issue on last battery change. Cheapest I’ve found is €15 with delivery for the battery cap. Which is still a lot for just the o ring!

Damn - maybe I’ll get into the weeds and try to estimate the size and shop for some generic ones. The original one is torn so I’ll get only a rough house number when I try to measure it anyway…

I got a reply from the 4iiii support: The dimensions are 1 x 17 mm. So I’ll look for a generic one in a hardware store.

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ebay order gone in, although a couple of weeks delivery from Germany to Ireland.

Same, they gave me the dimensions and I bought a few generics. It’s been fine

I googled the supplier in the UK and the nice lady there just sent me one for free.

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