Wahoo cadence sensor battery replacement

Does anyone know the specs for the cadence sensor o-ring/gasket? Wahoo won’t sell them or even tell me the specs. I guess they consider the sensor to be disposable. I can’t find them locally.

my wahoo sensor is about to die after less than two years and I’m going back to my garmin sensor. They are junk especially the current gen with the faulty straps

Can you post a picture? My Wahoo cadence sensor is a little pod that slips inside a rubber gasket thing that I zip tie to my crank. When I need to change the battery, I cut the zip ties and take it out and replace the CR2032 (at least I believe that’s what it is, it’s been a while).

Not sure how to post a picture. When I have the sensor apart there is a tiny o-ring on the male side. Once it slips out of its groove, it will not stay back in. When I put the halves together I can see the seal squirting out of position, between the two halves. I see replacing the seal as normal maintenance, not a design issue. That’s why I don’t understand why Wahoo will not support this.

I’ve had a wahoo cadence sensor for over 3 years and have never replaced anything other than the battery.


Worst case you can close the door then apply a thin layer of silicone caulk around the edge (use your finger to spread it thin). It will waterproof it and keep the door from unscrewing. When it’s time to replace the battery again, you can just rub or peel the caulk off. It’s faster than trying to find and wait for a rubber seal to come in the mail. Probably cheaper too when you factor in shipping.

Yeah this happens on mine too. Seems to still work fine, so I’ve ignored it :sweat_smile: