Crankset power meter opinion

So, I’m impulsive. Just get that out of the way. Lots of learning lately. In regards to pedals and power meters, I’ve gone from the ultegra 6800 pedal, to Garmin Vector 3, to Favero Assiomo Duo to Speedplay. So, ultegra to garmin cause I wanted to work with a power meter. Garmin to Favero cause I wanted to get away from changing four batteries every month or two. Favero to speedplay cause some reason, the favero and my knees didn’t get along. Happy with the speedplay, first time using them, knees are feeling the relief. Miss the power meter, hence the curiosity about the crankset power meters such as 4iiii, don’t miss the batteries or knee issues. Kicking around the idea of leaving as is or trying a crankset. I know, pretty nuts… Any ideas, thoughts or been there, done that is appreciated.

I’d do a bike-fit before the meter with the issues you discussed. I’m happy with my 3rd gen Stages, had issues with the gen-2 and they replaced it. I have an ancient Quarq Elsa R as well on the CX bike that doesn’t have Bluetooth but it’s a fantastic meter but I don’t need the dual sided measurement.


I’ve got a dual sided R8000 Pioneer power meter, very happy.

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I’ve been working closely with local bike fitter. If the speedplay don’t work in relieving the knees, then I’ll see a physician about them. The local bike bitter helped set up with the vector 3, no issues for the three months of use until I decided to move to assume favero.

I use an iPad with trainerroad and Garmin 1030 outside

Ditto, my gen 2 was burning through batteries so opened a support case and it has just been replaced with a gen 3 unit on 6800 crank

3rd gen Stages and 4iiii are the ones I’m thinking about. Local bike shop mentioned shimano’s but I’ve heard that no data over bluetooth which is a big deal with me. I’ve heard with 4iiii that you have to connect only one channel in trainerroad over bluetooth, not sure if that is true or if that is the same with Stages

I use Rotor PM since 3 years
no issues and always coerent data

I have a 2nd gen Stages on my TT bike (Vector 2s on road bike).

The battery compartment is a bit of a delicate, temperamental thing, but once you know how not to anger it, it works very reliably and has decent battery life too. I assume 3rd Gen is even better.

The only reason I don’t use Stages on my road bike is that it’s a Cannondale with their specific cranks. It’s a bloody pain re-torquing and calibrating the Vectors every time I take the bike on the plane…

4iiii all the way. Couldn’t be happier with the dual-sided Precision Pro I’m using now.

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I’ve had the single sided 4iiii precision ultegra for about a month, you can get them for pretty dang cheap, and it’s been completely solid, no spikes or dropouts and no inconsistencies that I can speak of. I got it during an ebay deal that gave an additional 15%, at $275 it was a no-brainer for something I’ve wanted a long time but couldn’t justify the expense!

Maybe one day I’ll upgrade to dual side, but with my work/family schedule I’m only outside on the weekends right now, and its good 'nuff.

I have a used SRM 9000 power meter crank that I use on my trainer bike (because my Wahoo KICKR v1 power readings are not accurate). It’s great and the battery changes are infrequent. The only downside, other than mailing it back to SRM for a new battery every 2-3 years is that it needs an external magnet to trigger power meter activation upon pedaling. My road bike has a Pioneer dual sided power meter that I got a deal on. It’s fine, but I have to change the coin cell batteries on each side approximately every 500 hours of use (10-11 months for me) and it also requires an external magnet, to track cadence.

Is this an older model Pioneer? I have a dual sided Pioneer on my CX bike and it tracks cadence without magnets. The magnets are only required if you’re using the pedal dynamics stuff with their head unit. Standard L/R power/cadence no magnets are required.

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Do you use the 4iiii hrm as a bridge to communicate over bluetooth or do you use ant+?

Do you connect 3rd gen stages via bluetooth or do you use ant+? If you use bluetooth, any issues?

No bridge. Just running a standard Garmin HRM. All devices except the kickr are on ANT+.

Same for me, I don’t use magnets and have no issues with cadence.

I’m going to side with @TLRozzle on getting a fit. Speedplay makes a great product so I’d stick with those unless you decide to go back to pedal based power.

I have the P1 pedals on my road bike (dialed in with Retul fit) and the Stages Gen2 left only crank on my CX/ gravel bike (still need to get a transfer fit). I haven’t had any issues with either one to date. I’ve been using them both for about a year.

Power meters have come a long way in recent years. Buying new is the best route, unless you purchase used from someone you know and trust. As far as comparing power readings and accuracy, @GPLama and DCRainmaker have great reviews on the products out there. Just don’t get too lost in the weeds unless you like that sort of thing.

Got a Retul fit also. He’s the person I went to when I explained how with the Assiomo Favero, it feels like my left side is constantly fighting a turning in of my foot, which ended up with knee pain. It never felt natural. When we first did the fit with the Garmin Vector 3, it was comfortable and no issues other than my wild hair to change power meters to Assioma Favero. We went with the largest float from look with no relief. Then I moved to Powerplay which my fitter was in agreement with, left the float wide open and the knee pain is going away. No constant feeling like someone is grabbing my left foot from the heel and twisting the toe inward, constantly trying to straighten the pedal. That’s what it felt like, constantly trying to straighten my foot.

Yes, I have last year’s Pioneer power meter + head unit and am tracking the pedaling dynamics.


On my Emonda road bike I’ve got a Quarq D-Zero with Speedplay pedals. The Quarq has been absolutely flawless indoors and out.

I two older Quarqs on another road bike and on a XC mountain bike. Both are ANT+ only, not Bluetooth, but work well. I have a couple of single arm Stages on two other mountain bikes. The Stages also work well but you do see some occasional strange power spikes that are likely the result of them being single arm.

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